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Six Decades of Terror: NATO is al QAEDA-pt 2.2 - The Final Argument in The General's Trial {vol.2//now replaced by the Complete Document}- by Me Chris

Six Decades of Terror: NATO is al QAEDA-pt 2.2 - The Final Argument in The General's Trial {vol.2//now replaced by the Complete Document}- by Me Christopher Black & the D-team

[7 April 2009 - Paris

On this day fifteen years ago, 7 April 1994, amid the nationwide chaos created when the RPF terrorist 'Network Commando' assassinated the sitting Rwandan President, Juvénal Habyarimana, and his Army Chief of Staff, Deogratias Nsabimana, effectively decapitating the majoritarian Rwandan government and Armed Forces, and simultaneously launching a massive military offensive, both from their northern command post in Mulindi, as well as from their encampment on the CND in the center of the Rwandan capital city of Kigali, with the avowed aim of seizing state power through force of arms--the only means available to this tiny neo-feudal minority: this marked the opening day of what has become one of the world’s big guilt-money industries, The Rwandan Genocide. Here's how the Tutsi historian Antoine Nyetera describes the events of that day:

**The battalion of 600 RPF troops, supported by 4,000 armed infiltrators, half of whom were already installed on the CND, the former site of the Rwandan Parliament, had as their sole mission the protection of RPF political authorities. But on 7 April 1994, they received orders from their leaders [Kagame & Co. in Mulindi--nb] to move out from their encampment and attack Camp Kimihurura (of the Presidential Guard) and the surrounding area, all in full-view and full-knowledge of the UNAMIR (the UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda). The political office of the RPF had called an extraordinary emergency meeting three days before the attack [on the presidential jet--nb], where it was decided to resume the war to take advantage of the disorganization that would be caused by the assassination of President Habyarimana. [. . .] Early on the morning of 7 April, RPF troops entered the private homes of selected personalities and murdered them, along with their families. These targeted assassinations were committed primarily in the areas of Remera and Kimihurura, and according to prepared lists. [. . .] Moreover, on the morning of 8 April, RPF troops stationed in offensive positions in Rutongo came down on the unfortunate refugee camp at Nyacyonga, about eight km north of the capital, which had been full to overflowing since February 1993. This created a new exodus of hundreds of thousands of Hutu(1) peasants fleeing the war; a very large number of these people were massacred, according to testimony of survivors who fled to Gitarama.(2)**
[From French investigative-journalist Pierre Péan’s magnificent book on Rwanda, Noires Fureurs, Blancs Menteurs, Milles et une nuits, Paris, 2005--CM/P’s translation]

But the French are a funny lot--not so much funny ha-ha as funny wack. For example, in commemoration of this dark chapter in Françafrican history, there is to be a colloquium at the French National Assembly (room 6237), tomorrow, 8 April 2009, sponsored by those paid RPF flacks at Survie, and entitled, ‘France/Rwanda: La démocratie française à l’épreuve du génocide des Tutsi’ [French Democracy tested by the Tutsi genocide]. Considering that Survie’s idea of a ‘Tutsi genocide’ (i.e., 800,000 Tutsis and ‘moderate’ Hutus being macheted to death by ‘Extremist Hutus Power freaks in a mere 100 days) has failed any number of legal tests, this title seems beyond ironic and pushing real hard on ridiculous. But the stand-outs on the guest speakers list, like Linda Melvern and Patrick de St Exupéry, are among the epoch’s most toxic historical prevaricators and the earliest of the moral jackals who got fat off the carrion of the Rwandan tragedy.

It is as if the French national proclivity for SnM humiliation under the polished jackboot of the Fascist juggernaut du jour, has become its last marketable asset in the global hawk shop of ideas. My adopted concitoyens REALLY seem to prendre leur pied (get off) on dressing up in ass-less Hugo Boss chaps and leather blinders, with that hard-rubber ball firmly strapped between their Gaulois-tainted teeth, and trying to croon, with a leitmotif suggesting The Marseillaises, 'Nous somme tous les genocidaires--tra-la, la, la, la, . . . oh-la-la!'--and all on Canal+. But the philosophical convergence of the Fascist and the Business Cultures should not be discounted in this analysis: If French public intellectuals choose to trivialize, even criminalize, the relatively honorable conduct of their government and military in regard to 1990s Rwanda (actually heroic when compared to that of its anglophone counterparts), it is only because there is so much more money to be made by French chatterers and scribblers from work under contract to the Holocaust Industry than from anything driven by ethical commitment to Historical Truth and International Justice.

This want of moral tumescence is likewise evident in France’s recent return to the NATO manger. On the eve of the Alliance’s 60th anniversary, and in a seeming slight to the memory of his idol, Charles De Gaulle, Nicodemus Sarkozy announced France’s rejoining NATO’s ‘integrated command’ after a 40+ year, but completely indiscernible, absence--the sort of non-event that has recently marked the mangey way France plays the 'Great Game.' How else can one explain this prurient self-absorption with its (non)role in the Western holocaust in Central Africa, while publicly speaking or writing naught at all about that parallel paroxysm of military wastage, the NATO (or l’OTAN, as the French dyslexically put it) terror-bombing of Yugoslavia, from 1992 to 1995 over Bosnia, and for 78 days in 1999 over Kosovo. Here’s how my friend, the French General Pierre-Marie Gallois, so sagely describes the unspoken (because unspeakable?) French/NATO betrayal of their ancient comrade-in-arms, Yugoslavia/Serbia--the sort of betrayal that would turn Wild Bill Shakespeare green with envie:

**The West showed itself to be so duplicitous that it surprised me, because what interested me in this was what they call in France, England and even in Germany, the “Rights of Man.” But the old demon, the warrior demon that is Germany, was resurrected in this regard (and in the context of NATO) and it led to the chaos that now exists in these territories, whether in the Serbian Republic in Bosnia or in Kosovo, naturally, which is to say that the heart, the very origins of Serbian civilization, are now in Muslim hands (and under NATO military occupation--mc]. And for sometime they have been destroying dozens and dozens of ancient masterpieces of Serbian religious art, and have basically destroyed the origins of the Serbian people. It is as if here in France we had destroyed the Loire Valley and all its chateaux, or the whole region around the capital city of Paris, where the very heart of the French nation is found.**(3)

But while France did NOT destroy--or have destroyed--the heart of its culture or its beautiful capital city--and my home, Paris--by joining in NATO’s terrorism against the civilian populations of Yugoslavia and Serbia, French pilots, dropping French bombs, did desecrate the tombs of many of those French war heros who fell in the 20th Century-long battle against global Fascism. So, I guess that piece of its cultural heart France cut out of itself, to offer as a burnt offering for the mercies of the US and NATO, was of no more use to them anyway.

Attached below is Me Chris Black’s Final Argument for the Defense in the Trial of General Ndindiliyimana at the ICTR in Arusha. This is an important addition to the growing body of evidence that corrects the historical record as to what actually happened during the globalization wars of the last century. There is a great deal of well-paid, if not particularly high-quality, work being ordered up to bury the truth on the recolonization of Balkans and Central Africa; and there are many heroic patriots who are currently languishing in prisons--those who, unlike Habyarimana, Ntaryamira, Miloseivc, Arafat or Saddam, have not already been murdered--to sustain the lying vampires who live on the purloined blood of the honest and the innocent in the suspended morbidity of their Un-Death, and to keep them from being reduced to putrid dust by the clear, sacred light of this Truth and blown away by the imaginative winds of History.



1 According to witness testimony, at the moment the RPF/RPA moved on the capital, Tutsi families were separated out and placed behind RPF lines away from the front, while Hutus fled toward the capital.

2 This is also confirmed by the testimony of RPA Capt. Abdul Ruzibiza.

3 From General Gallois’ intervention at the Belgrade Forum’s Conference in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the NATO Bombing. [the CM/P translation].

Final Argument PDF--complete.pdf (3.7MB)


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