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The Critique of The Mucyo Commission Report--by the Political Prisoners of the UN in Arusha

The Critique of The Mucyo Commission Report--by the Political Prisoners of the UN in Arusha

[It’s The Terror that’s descending on the new Obama administration, making them hesitate, equivocate, compromise with real evil, morally neutralizing their best intentions. Close Gitmo and stop torture? Great! But what about the ad hoc Tribunals and the secret gulag of renditions sites? What happens if the Obama government tries to address the state criminality of the illegal imprisonment and unjustified prosecution of political detainees from Israel to Iraq and Afghanistan to Holland and EEurope to Tanzania and Rwanda? What happens is The Terror.

Think back to the look on Eliot Spitzer’s face: the popularly elected Democratic governor of New York forced by the FBI to resign his public office over some private dalliance with a young, overpriced tartlette--and all that just as “the Sheriff of Wall St.” was bringing regulatory heat down on the bandits of The Street--that’s The Terror.

And remember Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s public hounding for political corruption (‘patronage’ if your guy’s doing it; ‘payola’ if it’s the other side’s DJ) by Federal Attorneys (fresh from some ‘short-eyes’ stings in Florida?) wielding recordings of bugged private conversations--and all that just a day after Blago’d applied his gubernatorial authority to pressuring Bank of America, one of the big winners on Bail Out Bingo Night, to do the right thing by striking Illinois glass workers. That, too, is The Terror--or as J. Edgar Hoover used to call it, ‘just another day at the COINTELPRO office.’

The Terror is how the powers that be--the real institutional and unelected powers that drive, and thrive on, the globalized crime that is advanced Waste Capitalism--get to be (and stay) the powers that be. Just ask Saddam Hussein or Slobodan Milosevic or Juvénal Habyarimana or Rafik Hariri or 1,200+ Gazans and their duly elected Hamas leaders about The Terror. Oh, yeah, right, too late.

Sure, ding, dong, the wicked Bush is gone--at last! But The Terror lingers on, like the stink of stale beer-soaked snouts after an eight-year kegger. The unwholesomeness of the former government has wafted away with the speed of a departing moving van, leaving our new president to deal with that older residual putrescence, the ungodly pung of The Terror that has soaked deep into Washington carpets and woodwork, fear from Watergate, the Afghan Bear Trap, Iran/Contra, The Savings & Loan debacle, all grown even more foul with the horrors of the craven, class-collaborationist Clinton years. Now the deathly stench seems to be getting absorbed through the pores of the new administration.

We are rapidly bearing down on two anniversaries of pre-Bush, pre-911 Western-forced orgies of state terrorism: the 10th of the 78-day and night NATO bombing of Yugoslavia over Kosovo in March, and, April thru July, the 15th of the Rwandan bloodbath over the anglophone globalization of Congo’s riches--which, by all accounts, is still going strong. The attached document, which deals in depth with Rwanda, but also bears direct evidence on the Balkans tragedy, and all the rest of the US/NATO’s criminal insanity, from Afghanistan through Gaza and Lebanon to Zimbabwe, might give a good shove to the young, bright constitutional scholar now occupying the Oval Office. This rational illumination of the consensus mythology of machete-wielding tribesmen acting out age-old ethnic and racial hatreds, which is the popular media version of history, might just be what it takes to coax Mr. President Obama, himself the son of such a tribesman, toward a more accurate and honest understanding of the historically malignant policies he has inherited from his intellectually flaccid and morally devolved Democratic predecessors.

So here’s CM/P’s translation of the Critique by the Political Prisoners at the UN detention unit in Arusha, Tanzania, of the Kagame regime’s [Jean de Dieu] Mucyo Commission Report on France’s role in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

After the 2004 publication of the report by French antiterrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguière (another CM/P translation on this blog), which called for the arrests of several high officials in the current Rwandan [Kagame] government for their involvement in the shooting down, on 6 April 1994, of the Rwandan presidential plane carrying two democratically elected, sitting African heads of state, both Hutus, Burundi’s Cyprien Ntaryamira and Rwanda’s Juvénal Habyarimana, along with their entourages, including the Chief of Staff of the Rwandan military, General Deogratias Nsabimana, and the three members of the French flight crew: the government in Kigali, first, broke off diplomatic relations with France; then, in tight goose-step with the pro-RPF propagandists and Tutsi survivor organizations, like IBUKA and AVEGA, started a tarantella of distraction unto delirium to cover their lurid history of Western-backed war crimes, crimes against humanity and mass exterminations, all in their violent pursuit of political power, by blaming the targeted Habyarimana regime and its European ally, France, for, what amounts to, destroying themselves and their country to the advantage of the foreign military forces that had invaded them, and clearing Rwanda of a goodly part of its people to make land available for returning member of the former [Tutsi] aristocracy.

Just think of Israel’s blaming Hamas and Hezbollah, along with their sponsor nations, Syria and Iran, for the carnage in Lebanon and Gaza, because these indigenous movements born of resistance to Israeli occupation recklessly tried to defend their homes by firing on the invading armies. Because these parallels between recent atrocities in the Middle East and Central Africa are as creepily close as those between the Bush and Obama administrations are fast becoming.

Though in wide use for some time, the reference to the Tutsis as “The Jews of Africa,” was recently explained in a very sympathetic and historically misinformed article in the August 19, 2004, British business periodical, The Economist. The term “Rwanda: The Israel of Africa” is a headline on the 20 January 2009 BBC online site. Since the latest Palestinian pogrom in Gaza, Israel is protesting rather too much against these analogies.

The IDF’s monstrous three-week rampage in the Gaza Strip has been a giant step toward the realization of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s prediction: that Israel would ERASE ITSELF from the map of the Middle East by wiping out its neighbors. The ever-growing military belligerence of the putative Jewish State has squandered vast amounts of international public sympathy, and it currently finds only weak and cringingly insincere moral support, even from those Western political leaders the AIPAC and other Zionist lobbies have so thoroughly terrorized that for these bought-off flunkies merely to suggest criticism of the US/UK/Israeli criminal cabal would be tantamount to their committing not just political suicide, but actually begging a Mossad agent to put a couple behind their ear. In the case of our new president, suggesting the IDF might be abusing all that US-donated ordnance would be like his going back to Kenya, walking into a Mau Mau meeting and spitting on the witch doctor.

This association of the Tutsis with the Jews has long been part of a colonialist strategy to separate the grand, royal, “Hamitic” herding people from the other more common, dwarfish, flat-nosed African field hands, and to justify their long-standing (neo)feudalist pretensions--i.e., to rationalize the tyranny of a tiny majority over the basic interests of an important majority. Though traditionally the Jews have been associated with popular, majoritarian, anti-fascist, liberal democratic movements--like the AFofL/CIO or the ACLU or the USSR (why the Nazis got so pissed at them)--it was the majority Hutus who were, in the 1930s, accused by the Bishop of Kigali of being under the intellectual influence of Russian Communism. But since the early 1950s, when the virus of anti-communism (read Big Business or Fascism) infected so many of the once progressive Left movements, including, most markedly, the State of Israel, the Jewish identity has been instrumentalized as a victimating mechanism to create sympathy for otherwise aggressive, militaristically expansionist, elitist groups, much as the Tutsis have done with their claim to having suffered a genocide at the hands of the communist [majoritarian] Hutu masses since being deposed as the Rwandan monarchy in the social revolution of 1959-62. Ultimately, this victimating is used to justify the Tutsi/RPF invasion of Rwanda from Uganda on 1 October 1990, and the bloody and ecumenically murderous onslaught that has eliminated anywhere from 5 to 9 millions people from the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa to make way for a free-trade zone from the Congo to the Nile river basins and the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

I first learned about Rwanda's Mucyo Commission Report, the 500-page, 2.5-kilo, so-called inquiry into France's so-called role in the so-called 1994 genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis, right after it came out in autumn 2008, from Col. Jacques Hogard, a former Legionnaire, who had worked in and written about France's lifesaving “Operation Turquoise.” Then Chris Black, General Ndindiliyimana’s lead counsel in the Military II case and a strong contributor to the decolonization of African history (and this blog), sent me the UN Political Prisoners’ response to Kagame’s obese piece of bovine moral wriggling, and said the detainees wanted me to translate it.

Then the judgement on the Military I case came in. And though the defendants were all found guilty of allowing or failing to prevent the commission of “individual genocidal acts” by others in their charge and sentenced to life in prison (actually one defendant, who is very tight with the RPF, was cut loose on all charges), they were all found NOT GUILTY of any PLANNING or CONSPIRACY in the commission of genocide. That is to say--since genocide requires a preconceived or premeditated plan to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, if there’s no pre-planning or conspiracy, there no genocide--unless, of course, you decide to drive around all the legal hassle of having to prove genocide and just stipulate to it, like calling for the court to “take judicial notice of the fact of genocide,” as the ad hocs in The Hague and Arusha, and the national judiciary in Rwanda, have done. (See on this blog:
NO Conspiracy? NO Planning? NO Genocide? NO Problem! at

This Military I verdict congrued perfectly with the UN prisoners critique of Muyco--in fact, the Critique drew much of its evidence from the Military I trial--but sadly neglects some important evidence discovered in the Military II trial, like the total fabrication of the so-call Dallaire Genocide Fax [see Me Blacks article here at]. No planning, no training of civilians and militias, no distribution of Red Chinese-made machetes, no lists of Tutsis to be killed, no government ordered rapes of Tutsi girls, and no French involvement in any of these non-happenings--in short, NO GENOCIDE, just lots of nasty killing, like everywhere else the Imperialist are trying to prolong their moribund wastage of our world’s life energies.

So how do we get this important information to President Obama? How do we make sure he sits down and really gets into this material with his new people? Especially the really dirty ones: Secry of State Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a Harvard colleague of that noted Genocide Industrialist Samantha Power. Because they are among those Clinton-era Humanitarian Militarists who know all too well the real story of who did what and with which and for whom in early-90s Rwanda: they must know better than most that, to paraphrase former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali from an interview with Robin Philpot, The Rwandan Genocide is a 100% US production.

Now that a UN Report on Rwanda’s criminal exploitation of resources in Eastern Congo has seemingly turned The Terror on Rwandan President Kagame, who responded on 23 January, the day after his forces, yet again, invaded Eastern Congo to cap some more genocidaire refugee women and children, ordered the arrest of his fellow-Tutsi warlord and proxy Hutu refugee exterminator, Laurent ‘slaughterhouse’ Nkunda, it might be just the right moment to get our new African-American Commander-in-Chief up to speed on the real history of his fatherland--or his father’s land. -- mc]

The Mucyo Commission Report.pdf (421KB)


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