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[The recent, untimely death of Alison Des Forges, Human Rights Watch's Central Africa hand, in a fiery plane crash, has become the source of a great deal of the acrid smoke now being blown to cover HRW's expedient misreadings of African history--like their long-standing support of the now bankrupt '800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus'-version of the Rwandan genocide. They have long been, in the Dr. Kouchnerian vein, Humanitarians for Hire.

After several appearances at the Rwanda Tribunal in Arusha (ICTR), Prof. Des Forges had several changes of heart--or, at least, changes of testimony under cross examination from the Defense--on what had actually happened in those four terror-filled years from the 1 October 1990 RPF invasion of Rwanda from Uganda to the 6 April 1994 RPF missile strike on Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana's Falcon 50 executive jet (which, with the killings of Burundian presidents Cyprien Ntaryamira, on the plane with Habyarimana, and Melchior Ndadaye, six months earlier in a Tutsi-led military coup in Bujumbura, brought to three the number of sets of Hutu testicles on Paul Kagame's war drum). It would not be crazy to assume that HRW's Des Forges had so disappointed her Kigali sponsors with her testimony in recent genocide trials that that is why the Kagame regime banned her from returning to her thesis country.

And one has to wonder just what her last thoughts might have been, as her commuter jet fell straight down out of an icy Buffalo sky; if she considered how long she had trivialized the double African presidential assassination as a mere 'plane crash--a terrorist act that, along with the simultaneous RPF offensive, indisputably triggered the social chaos and mass killings, '--even while feeding the popular speculation that 'Hutu Extremists', including the President's wife and her 'Little House' inner circle, had killed the popular Rwandan leader. Irony of ironies? Or cynicism of cynicisms?

But further pissing into the information pool, with what might be seen as a perverse sort of tribute to their late, apostate colleague, HRW is now dumping great gobs of toxic nonsense on some of the unhappiest victims of the globalization wars, the Rwandan Hutu refugees in Eastern Congo. Having fled the RPF's murder and mayhem in 1994, only to be hunted like game by these same tormentors in 1996 and 1998, killed in the hundreds of thousands unto millions, led into ambushes and even shot down and blown up by UN forces (MONUC) and Humanitarian NGOs, these bogusly alleged genocidaires, with their genetically genocidal wives and children, and their front group, the FDLR (Forces Democratique pour Liberation du Rwanda), are now being charged with killing Congolese civilians in the hundreds. And why? Who needs reasons? HRW's talking genocidaires here--they're talking Pure Evil.

Well, here below's another Press Release from Callixte Mbarushimana and the FDLR. Remember that the Hutu governments of Burundi and Rwanda that were destroyed by the Tutsi RPF 'rebels' were duly elected--democratically elected majority governments. The only way the interests of a huge majority can be sublated by those of a tiny minority is by the unrestrained and heartless use of unReason. --mc]




The FDLR warn the United Nations against the MONUC's fighting alongside the military coalition RPA / FARDC against Rwandan refugees in the DRC and members of the FDLR.

The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) inform the public and the media that a helicopter of the United Nations Mission in DRC (MONUC) has participated in an air raid by the coalition of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) on 12 February 2009 in Gashebere, North Kivu, in DRC.

The record of this unfortunate air raid is two (2) people with minor injuries and hundreds of Rwandan refugees and local civilians displaced. On 13 February 2009, the armed coalition of the RPA / FARDC launched an air raid in Kayanja and Kanyabutsindo, which left no victims, to support its ground forces which were in disarray in the face of the brave troops of the FDLR they had gone to attack.

The FDLR strongly condemn this act of barbarism against innocent civilians and warn the MONUC of a danger resulting from its alignment with the Rwandan-Congolese troops in their campaign against the Rwandan refugees and Congolese civilian populations in Kivu. The FDLR recall that they have always favoured and continue to favour a peaceful solution to the political problem of Rwanda. They point out to MONUC that its mission is not to hunt Rwandan refugees and innocent civilians, but rather to ensure their protection.

The FDLR invite the Security Council of the United Nations and the African Union to condemn unequivocally the use of MONUC forces by some UN officials serving the interests of the gravediggers of the people of the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The FDLR urge, once again, that the Rwandan and Congolese authorities immediately stop the dirty war they have launched against the Rwandan refugees and the FDLR, and engage in dialogue with them. The FDLR reaffirm that they continue to favour the path of peace, but if the armed coalition against them continue to chase and shoot at the Rwandan refugees and other innocent people in Congo, they will have no other choice but to protect Rwandan refugees and the civilian populations, which has been their leitmotiv since their creation.

The FDLR still hope that within the United Nations, Rwanda and the DRC, there are women and men of goodwill who will do everything possible to stop this insane war going on in the DRC.

Filed in Paris on February 17, 2009.

Callixte Mbarushimana
Executive Secretary of the FDLR


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This press release from Mbarushimana has got to be the biggest joke! - Are you kidding me? " Stop killing hutu refugees..?" - These are the same mercenaries that wiped out one million human beings and even used their own people as human shields leaving a piles of dead bodies along the way, in pits and rivers? I am just blown away by sites like these that stick their heads in the sand and pretend that the poor,poor hutus are innocent and are just being hunted down for no good reason..! What a farce! HAs anyone asked why in 14 years, these "refugees" who have been asked time and time again to go back home and state their cases refuse to go back but choose to live like animals in the jungles of Congo in the harshest of conditions? C'mon people, be balanced and rational in your assesments. You can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time!

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Brendan said...

the person who wrote the above comment is the one who is a fool.good and evil has to be black and white for this person. If you took the time to get to know Hutu refugees (and Tutsi refugees) you would know why they don't go back

6:28 AM  

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