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Rwanda Invades Congo!!--AGAIN!!!--Press Release by the FDLR

Rwanda Invades Congo!!--AGAIN!!!--Press Release by the FDLR

[Here is the headline from the New Zealand Herald:

Rwandan troops enter Congo to help oust Hutu rebels

Before being distracted by the spectacle of 'the enthronement of Barack Obama', as the French foppishly referred to the 20 January 2009 swearing-in of the 44th US president before the largest audience, on-scene and worldwide, in the history of audiences, we witnessed a three-week IDF dynamite-fishing expedition into the brackish waters of Gaza--with 1,300 dead and the Strip reduced to dusty rubble, this latest example of modern Hebraic humanism was more intensely murderous than previous Israeli/US joint criminal ventures, like the 2006 'war with Hezbollah' (which, after killing only 1,200 people and doing billions in structural damage, Israel 'strategically lost', so it could try again, fail again, fail bloodier!) or any of the dozens of diabolical destruction derbies inside the refugee camps of this blighted region.

Now we are being presented a parallel nightmare, with the 'Jews of Africa', the Rwandan Tutsis, currently running a thoroughly corrupted Rwandan USAID-based government ('the Israel of Africa'--nb: 16% of Rwanda's aid money goes to the Tutsi-dominated military sector, while only 3% goes to the impoverished, predominantly Hutu agricultural sector--so Rwanda IS a real model . . . of neoliberal wastage.), seeking revenge against ( 'the Palestinians of Africa'?), the (still) majoritarian Rwandan Hutus, a great many of whom were dispossessed, displaced and just straight-up run off out of their country, mostly into neighboring Zaire (now DRC) in 1994, after a four-year reign of terror that eventuated in the assassination of the sitting Rwandan president, Juvénal Habyarimana, and some top military officials, including the Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Army (the FAR) at the hands of the RPF ('the IDF of Africa'), all of this leading to the final and bloody seizure of political power by Paul Kagame's Western proxy forces and the subsequent, highly ecumenical slaughter of millions of refugees in Eastern Congo.

Just as each Israeli onslaught against the Palestinians is serialized for our moral and (anti-)intellectual protection--so we don't have to remember all the past episodes, each liquifactionist paroxysm, with its incumbent hypocritical apologias, is a self-contained and easilydigested informational meal in itself--thus this latest invasion of Congo by AFRICOM-backed Rwandan forces is presented as an ahistorical 'current event', garnished with a lot of unresearched, soporific slop about tribes and ethnicities, confusing victims with villains.

But look around--even if it's just around this blog!--and you'll see that what's going down with these 'righteous acts of national self defense' is really just another assault on the majoritarian interests of a nation and/or a people. The only way elitist governments like Israel's and Rwanda's can continue is by sowing terror and grisly death among the great general mass of the population. The great achievement of the Obama victory is that a great majority of the American people, a mass with its roots in popular movements from Abolition, to Universal Suffrage, to Civil Rights, to Black Power, to various antiwar movements, has demanded its rights be recognized and its interests served.

Just as with Paul Robeson and the Tuskegee Airmen and the Scotsboro Boys and Huey Newton and Bobby Seal and Fred Hampton and Mark Clark and Eldrige Cleaver and Bobby Hutton and George and Jonathan Jackson and Malcolm X and, the most recognized of all, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King; like all those Black men who knew they had a responsibility to protect the great mass of the world's poor and powerless from theirs, the most powerful and wasteful country in the world: so Barack Obama is more than just an African American, for his roots are deeper than just his race--and he reflects the sort of class allegiances that defy the bourgeois nonsense definitions of class as lifestyle--Obama is a paid-up member of that great Union of Workers of the World, a passionate advocate for the suffering of the Surplus Army of the Unemployed, and he is one of what we here like to call the International Proletariate. He is one of us.

So President Obama must see this tortured history of his homeland. If and when he does, he will surely join us in supporting, in every way we can, the struggle of the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda. Not to recognize this continuing, bloody aggression against the people of Africa is to permit the spread and continuation of this threat against all of us--the perpetuation of this, yet another, mortal injury to human dignity and decency.--mc]



The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda condemn the ongoing war that enemies of peace have just imposed to the peaceful peoples of the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) strongly condemn the ongoing war that the enemies of peace, prosperity and democracy are once again about to impose to peaceful peoples of the African Great Lakes region.

The FDLR inform the public and the International Community that the first contingent of the Rwanda Patriotic Army comprising more than 4,000 heavily armed soldiers have crossed the Congolese border since January 19, 2009, and will soon begin their dirty work of exterminating the Rwandan Hutu refugees, the few survivors of the genocide committed by the RPF-Inkotanyi and its allies against them in the years 1996-1998 in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo..

The FDLR urge the International Community to strongly condemn this new war and immediately take severe sanctions against the Rwandan government which is the primarily responsible for this new war.

The FDLR inform the public and the International Community that this new war is not only senseless but also unnecessary and risks to engulf the entire Great Lakes region of Africa. Moreover, those who conceived and implemented the plan to exterminate the peoples of the African Great Lakes Region, whoever they may be, must understand that their acts will not go unpunished and that they will sooner or later have to answer before the law for all the serious consequences that will result from that war.

The FDLR recall that they have repeatedly extended a hand to the regime of Kigali in order to peacefully resolve the political problem of Rwanda and that Rwanda has always refused this offer and preferred the logic of armed confrontation.

The FDLR call upon all women and all men of good will and peace-loving nations around the world to condemn in the strongest terms this logic of war in a region already scarred by years of fratricidal and endless wars.

The FDLR reaffirm their commitments made in Rome as stated in their Declaration of 31 March 2005, and urge once again the Kigali regime to sit on the same table, under the Rome process, to find a peaceful solution to the political problem of Rwanda.

The FDLR call upon the Rwandan and Congolese people, and the members of the FDLR to remain calm and united in order to foil the macabre plan of the dictatorial regime in Kigali and its sponsors aimed at exterminating the peoples of the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Done in Paris on 21 January 2009.

Callixte Mbarushimana
Executive Secretary of the FDLR


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