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Six Decades of Terror: NATO is al QAEDA-pt 2.1 - The Final Argument in The General's Trial - by Me Christopher Black & the D-team

Six Decades of Terror: NATO is al QAEDA-pt 2.1 - The Final Argument in The General's Trial - by Me Christopher Black & the D-team

[On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the assassination, by terrorists belonging to the Rwandan Patriotic Front's (RPF) 'Network Commando,' of two democratically elected African heads of state, Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi and Juvénal Habyarimana of Rwanda, on 6 April 1994, an event universally occulted by the imperialist institutions like the UN, the mainstream media and academia, in order to hide the homicidal heart of the current comprador regime in Kigali, but universally recognized as having triggered the mass killings that have come to be known as the 'Rwandan Genocide of 100 Days' and given rise to the extralegal creation by the UN Security Council of the judicial arm of these globalization wars in the form of ad hoc Tribunals, like those in Arusha (for Rwanda), The Hague (for Yugoslavia), and elsewhere: at this auspicious time CM/P is honored to present the Final Defense Arguments in The General's Trial--how we have come to refer to the trial at the ICTR in Arusha of our dear friend and strong comrade in the struggle for Historical Truth and International Justice, and the former chief of the Rwandan National Gendarmarie, Major General Augustin Ndindiliyimana.

This Closing Argument, a not-at-all brief, three-volume brief {though now they are condensed into one attachment} recapitulating evidence presented over the course of this trial that kicked off on 29 September 2004, is the result of the long, rigorous, diligent and dedicated work of The General's lead defense counsel, and CM/P's own Minister of Defense, Me Christopher Black--a small part of whose large body of writing has become a cornerstone of this blog. And it comes at a time when the whole world is struggling to understand and begin to find some way to resolve the financial and commercial crisis which is slowly cutting humankind's throat. With the coincidence of several anniversaries like the murders of the two sitting majoritarian (Hutu) presidents and that of NATO's 60th year as the one true global terrorist network, many have been forced to take another look at the wars of the 1990s, the destructions of popular, revolutionary governments in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Rwanda (just to name the three that have concerned us most at CM/P), in light of the continuation of the European Fascist Business Plan that NATO took upon itself after Hitler's Legions were turned back and neutralized with extreme prejudice by Stalin's heroic Red Army. And though NATO unashamedly claims that their intervention in the Balkans was their first military engagement since its formation in 1949, it is impossible not to see the destabilization (the 'de-Sovietization) and eventual destruction of the Yugoslav Socialist Federation as a road-test of that shocking and awful war wagon that would roll over those territories that were not as-yet under Western military occupation and financial and commercial domination. So, Rwanda and Iraq are as much NATO missions, as were the devastations of Yugoslavia and the rest of the Eastern European (Slavic) and Central Asian countries, like Afghanistan and now Pakistan, or Southeast Asian countries like North Korea and Vietnam, that were formerly included in the Soviet and Red Chinese spheres of influence.

But just who is really looking at this History? Whatever changes have recently occurred in the US, any reevaluation of its historical cosmology and cosmogony (i.e., its national sense of world history and its defining of the role it plays in this history) is not among them.

One can only feel acute embarrassment for President and Mrs. Obama as they fete the 60th anniversary of NATO, calling it--as if sampling that great Muslim practitioner of the 'Sweet Science,' Mohammed Ali--'the the most successful alliance of ALL TIIIIME.' When the new President congratulated NATO neophytes Albania and Croatia for their 'reforms' in stepping up to 'NATO standards,' one wondered if a NATO/IMF/World Bank-coerced return to the dank and dusty WWII Nazi free-state folkways and mores that so effectively elevated the interests of the industrial and financial cartels above those of the Jewish and Slavic masses was now being openly endorsed by President Obama, and it became painfully clear that the young, brilliant Chicago-Hawaiian pol had had little or no experience of Balkan or Slavic History outside, maybe, a couple seminars at that Cold War version of Hogwarts, the Larry Summers Harvard School of Hedge Funds, or a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee or DoD briefing.

All this self-congratulatory posing over the success of NATO's continuation of European Fascism's eastward longings for lebensraum, and all at the expense of the lives of tens of millions of 'untermenschen' Jews and Slavs--and Palestinian and other Arabs and Black Africans--, might have seemed grimly ironic had there been even a hint that Mr. and Mrs. President Obama and the rest of the beautiful, well turned-out People people had a clue as to NATO's real role in spearheading the terror-driven militarization of the planet, and, as the principal commander of the sort of waste production, war production, production for destruction, that has dried up what little was left of any wholesome, self-sustaining Capital circulation, concentrating the ever-more virtual self-valorizing value of Finance Capital into fewer and fewer feckless hands, of being chiefly responsible for herding a terrified and impoverished world public into this shit-stinking cul-de-sac of a global economic crisis. It truly was a case of the well-dressed leading the better-dressed around in a circle jerk. But, as circle jerks go, I think it can be said that in this one, the US finished first--and tied for third with the always-up-and-coming Sarkozyan French.

Though its self-admitted criminal aggression against Yugoslavia, with its near constant bombing from 1992 to 1999 (see, unlike NATO, that fag Hitler used actually to pause every few days to allow the Yugoslavs to bury their dead--NATO would only pause about tens minutes between air strikes so as to sucker some of the EMTs and other first-responders into its second wave of killing. Think: Twin Towers collapse.) in close air-support of the Private Military Contractors (PMCs), like Dyncorp and MPRI, that trained and led Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian 'secessionist' armies against Yugoslav Popular Defense Forces, was supposed to be its first involvement in an armed conflict (and coyly filed under the rubric 'humanitarian crisis management'), NATO has, from its inception, presented a more ruthless and barbaric version the European Wehrmacht that waged the 20th-century-defining conflict between Authoritarian Liberalism or Fascism (Military or Waste Capitalism) and Soviet and Chinese Communism (Majoritarian Populism).

Today, in the post-Soviet era, NATO is the command center for the endless wars to globalize Western Waste Culture by militarily occupying and commercially and financially dominating those spheres of influence that were formerly Russian and Chinese. And its favored tactic in its terrorist trick-bag is the murderous false flag or friendly fire black provocation--with the sort of 'Plausible Deniability' it offers allowing NATO to transfer the full responsibility for its crimes onto its victims. As with the Alliance's implications in the so-called 'Islamic expansionist' uprisings in 1970s-1980s Afghanistan or 1990s Chechnya, Bosnia, and Kosovo, with their consequent atrocities, like the massacres in the Moscow theatre or the bombing of the Moscow apartment blocks, the slaughter of school children at Beslan, attacks on Bosnia breadlines and marketplaces, and various and sundry 'civil aviation incidents,' NATO's tacit involvement in this global reign of terror is vividly laid out even in the Business pages of the NY Times. So whether the unspeakable horror involves the slaughter of 800,000 Black Africans by their machete-wielding neighbors, or the commandeering of phantom airliners to be used as missiles in an elaborate DoD PR/AIG insurance scam, the beneficiaries are always the same: The Warlords of Global Finance Capital. Just tote up the number of Islamic military bases erected in these Muslim expansionist zones, and compare it to the number of NATO/US (permanent) bases that have come out of these same conflicts: Even the most sclerotic of imaginations should have little trouble getting itself around the fact that the perpetrators of these crimes are the same, too.

Attached please find Me Black's closing arguments for The General's innocence. I hope they will help clarify a tragic chapter in the tortured history of the Western Waste Culture's self-abusive unto suicidal notions of human progress toward liberation. And I also hope President Obama, as a legal scholar, will read them, disseminate them throughout his government, and, then, begin to make the real policy changes necessary to avert what is certainly our imminent annihilation. --mc]


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