Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A New World Is Possible -- by Dunja & Ljubodrag Simonovic - NOW AVAILABLE @ CM/P

A New World Is Possible

A lot of you have been reading Simonovic's stuff here for some time. Here's your chance to own a copy of his new book, A New World Is Possible, as well as some of his other books, and support this blog all at the same time.

--It's very hard to hype Simonovic--not just because he's a dear friend--but because the guy's integrity and commitment to his political position is so post-up solid that one is always afraid of playing him cheap. After all, he's one of the last real sports heros of the modern age--the only one I know who got out at the top of his game because of what he saw as the corruption of sport and the dehumanization of players through the commodification of play.

But here's a for-real bio of Dr. S (as opposed to a typical CM/Paean: e.g., 'Simonovic had back-to-back 50+ pt games long before Kobe or Michael--or the 3 pt line--even existed):

Ljubodrag Simonovic, from Belgrade (Serbia), played on the Yugoslav national basketball team that won the World Championship in 1970 (Ljubljana), as well as the European "all-star" team. He left the Münich Olympic Games (1972) in protest against the cover-up -- by FIBA, IOC and Yugoslav Olympic leadership -- of the proven doping of the Puerto Rican basketball team, and was consequently kicked off the national team. Simonovic has an MA in law and a doctorate in philosophy. He has published the following books: ”Rebellion of Robots”, “Professionalism or Socialism”, ”Olympic Deception of the ‘divine baron’ – Pierre de Coubertin”, ”Sport, Capitalism, Destruction”, “Olympism and The New World Order” (Russian),“Philosophy of Olympism” (English) and “A New World is Possible” (English). He is also the author of the movie "Olympic Flame" (translated into English, German, Russian, and French - DVD version). Dunja Simonovic, his 25 year-old daughter, is a student of philosophy.

You can get A NEW WORLD IS POSSIBLE by sending 40 USD or 35 Euros, in cash, check or money order (payable to MICHAEL COLLINS), to

66, rue Marcelle
93500 Pantin

You can also pay for your order through PayPal by emailing it to

[If you wish to order other items from the Simonovic oeuvre, please contact us beforehand and we will make special arrangements for your order.]

Your books or DVDs will be mailed immediately from Belgrade, so you should allow 10 days in Europe and 2 weeks in the rest of the world for delivery.

But ORDER NOW!! That burning itch on the back of your neck is not the heartbreak of psoriasis; it's the hot, stanky breath of Waste Capitalism tipping up on you. As Simonovic says:

“The final stage of a mortal combat between mankind and capitalism is in progress. . . ."



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