Monday, March 12, 2007

Petition to Extend the Mandate of the ICTR; . . . filed by the Military I Defence--22 January 2007

Petition to Extend the Mandate of the ICTR; . . . filed by the Military I Defence--22 January 2007

[This is fresh off the Arusha wire from our own commissar of Justice, Chris Black, and seems to be a motion filed by the Military I defense to extend the mandate of the ICTR so as to push the Rwandan Tribunal to investigate the RFP, the 'Tutsi rebels', currently ruling Rwanda under the unrehabilitated feudal fantasies of the murderous coltan baron, Paul Kagame--who, along with some of his Aspen Club drinking buddies, Bill Clinton, Wes Clark, Bernie Kouchner and Roméo Dallaire, have enough blood on their hands to refloat the US Pacific Fleet, the Titanic AND Wings Hauser's TV career. Testimony in the Military II trial--which is The Genaral's trial--(especially the cross-examinations of Alison Des Forges and Dallaire, himself), the Bruguière report (slowly appearing in English translation on this blog and NOWHERE else apparently), and books (so far only in French) by Abdul Ruzibiza, Jacques-Roger Booh-Booh, Pierre Péan, and several by our good friend Charles Onana, have made the case against the RPF--and not just as regards the assassination of the two Hutu presidents of Rwanda and Burundi 6 April 1994, but concerning the entire insensate slaughter in Central Africa from 1 October 1990 to the present day (ca 9 million souls)--damn near ironclad--as we used to say back in the day, 'locked up tigher'n whale pussy' (it's water-tight, remember?).

But now the problem is how to get the public, that most prominent and pathetic victim of the speciation of ignorance, to reopen the Rwandan file and find new avenues on which to exercise their moral ire--Rwanda is, after all, a pretty small site in Globalized Waste Capital's vast archipelago of forced labor camps in service to the Genocide Industry. --mc]

Motion to Extenoutgmadd ICTR Mandate.pdf (588KB)


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