Friday, December 02, 2005

911--Who Done It? - Part V -- CM/P

[By now I shouldn't have to tell you that the answer to our musical question '911, Who Done It?' rhymnes with Big Money--and, as Carrey E. Elaison once told me: it don't get much bigger'n the VB--where Jesus Saves.--m]

The Vatican Threat Against the Serbian State
Belgrade August 27, 2005

On August 27, 2005, attorney Jonathan Levy joined with several other speakers at the Belgrade Hyatt Regency to discuss the ongoing Vatican threat against Serbia. The lawsuit by Holocaust survivors against the Franciscan Order and Vatican Bank was the subject of Jonathan Levy’s speech. In attendance were representatives of major Serbian political parties, the Serbian Orthodox Church, Holocaust survivors, journalists, historians, publishers, a representative of the Russian embassy and a delegation including the Foreign Minister of the Republik Srpska Krajina. Bosnian Srpska and Montenegrin TV covered the event along with the Tanjug News Service.

Jonathan Levy stressed that the Vatican’s seeming invincibility to lawsuits was rapidly crumbling under an avalanche of accusations of criminal deeds both old and new including wholesale sexual abuse of children, the murder of banker of Roberto Calvi, forced conversions in Krajina in the 1990’s, the exposure of the fraudulent shrine of Medjugorje in Bosnia used to launder millions of dollars to kill Serbs in the 1990’s, financial misconduct with con man Martin Frankel, the revelations of President Milosevic and Vice President Seselj at the Hague Tribunal about the Vatican’s geopolitical aims and of course the money laundering of the Ustasha Treasury by the Vatican Bank. Shortly thereafter, the United Nations Criminal Tribunal accused the Vatican and Franciscans of harboring major Croatian war criminal, Ante Gotavica, in a Franciscan monastery in Croatia.

The inescapable conclusion of the event was that the current Vatican administration must make amends for past misdeeds against the Serbian people before there can be any form of reconciliation in the Balkans. The plotters at the Vatican do not represent the mainstream of the Catholic Church, which is horrified at the crimes being committed and covered up in their name. Phillip Kronzer, a Catholic knight of the Order of St. Michael was also present at the event, told a moving story of Franciscan misdeeds against his family and apologized publicly for the Medjugorje hoax and the genocidal activities of the Croatian Franciscans in Bosnia and Krajina.


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