Friday, December 02, 2005

911--Who Done It? - Part III -- CM/P

[No, the Requin's onion is toasted just about right over this 'One, Too, Many Genocide Memorials'--for were the impossible inclusions of the 26-40 million Russians liquidated by the gangrenous forces of Western waste capitalism between 1917-1945, there soon would be more genocide memorial names than could be contained in the ozone layer--whole and all. But remember not to let this selective amnesia get you down personally: it's all just Business. --mc

I am seriously tempted to respond to this (article(attached below). Why do I get the impression that this proposal to "include" the "genocides" in Bosnia and Chechnya and Rwanda isn't so inclusive as to gather into its fold the more than 7% of the Bosnian Serb population reported dead or missing following the 92-95 war by an agency of the Bosniac-dominated Sarajevo gov't, and which was the *same* pecentage of Bosnian Muslims reported dead or missing by the same agency? Why do I get the impression it isn't "inclusive" enough to memorialize the fact that in 1991, ethnic Russians comprised about a third of Chechnya's population, and now comprise about 1% of it, an ethnic cleansing whose only close rivals in thoroughness would be Krajina and the Kosovo Roma (which I get the sneaking impression the proposal doesn't include either) and that more than 20,000 of these ethnic Russian Chechnyans - soit 7%, oy, there's that unlucky number again! - were killed outside of actual military engagements by gang violence and pogroms, many 1000's of others kidnapped and enslaved, etc.? Am I just being presumptuous here, or does it look like the Big Genocide Tent somehow won't include these groups? Nor do I imagine he has in mind the half-mil or more Serbs snuffed in NDH in 1941-45 in the titular Catholic-Muslim fascist state by the Croat and Bosniac fascists in a death camp system with Jasenovac as its hub and which there wasn't a single German or Italian commander nor guard? Am I just being presumptuous? And apropos Rwanda, would it include the millions of Rwandan Hutus and millions of Congolese slaughtered by the Kagame/Museveni Drang nach Westen with the crucial logistical/political support and co-ordination of Britain and USA? And btw, if you look at David Cesarani's careful and thoughtful comment of the previous week, you'll see how disingenuously it's being used. It's being used to "show" the opposite of what Cesarani said. This burns my onion. Nothing I write would ever be published though. Probly have to do an "open letter" and then sit back and face the music as every lowlife dirtbag trotzi hairball slags me over their 2-bit messianic websites and "discussion" lists as a Zionist or negationist or whatever.,3604,1573739,00.html

[nb from our comrades at
According to UN census in Chechnya in July 2000, there were 9,372 Russians
left compared to 269,2 in 1989. That's 30 times less! Out of 3,000 Jews
in 1989 only 12 remained (all in Grozny). That's 300 times less! Even
the Nazi Germany fell way behind in comparison. Even of Muslim peoples,
like Kumyks and Nogai, remained only one third of their numbers since
1989. But the percentage of Chechens increased from 66 to 97,4 percent
during 1989-2000. There is no precedent in history of such ethnic purge
by one ethnic group against ALL OTHERS.]


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