Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Slobodan Milosevic's public response to charges fabricated by the Belgrade regime

[I recently complained in this space about, among a lot of other things, how the Defense of Slobodan Milosevic, a cause with which CM/P is inextricably involved, seems to have become so lost in its Islamophobic concerns over Muslim expansionism being at the heart of the destruction of Yugoslavia that they've failed even to take note of the judicial pogrom going down in Belgrade these days.

As usual, I was just a scoche off my mark--and I neglected to include the President's son Marko among those driven rudely and unjustly from their families, homes and country. O'erweening zeal to do the right thing is no excuse for my reckless disregard of facts and details.

Je m'excuse.

So as an amends, here's a vintage 2003 statement from President Milosevic on the very issues that are now being raised in his hometown, in complete disregard of legal niceties like statutes of limitations or double jeopardy, so that the comprador class now house-sitting Serbia for NATO can do some weapons-grade sucking up to their Imperialist masters.

The President's statement is forewarded by a neat synopsis of the recent events in Belgrade by British CDSM chairman--and my favorite pommey--, Ian Johnson.

{NB--It should not be forgotten that the head of RTS during the 1999 Nato terror bombings of Serbia over Kosovo, Mr Dragoljub Milanovic, is currently locked down doing a ten year bit for endangering his employees by not warning them that Nato was about to blow them away, just at the moment they were all awaiting a live feed of the Larry King Show from CNN--part of a trap set for a high Serbian government official King was supposed to interview, but who was saved by not being able to make this very early morning call--his make-up girl and 15 others were not so lucky. And Mr Milanovic was in the RTS building at the time, too.}

Remember, at CM/P we're still all about

FREE SLOBO (and All the Prisoners of the Globalization Wars @ Sheviningen & Xray Arusha)!!!






Dear Friends,

On18th July 2005 a Belgrade court convicted eight policeman for the murder
of Ivan Stambolic and the attempted murder of the pro-Nato politician Vuk
Draskovic. The court also imposed a 15 year sentence on former head of state
security Radimir Markovic for 'assisting'.

Mr Markovic was brought to The Hague tribunal in 2003 as a prosecution
witness but in court he revealed that he was being coerced to lie against Mr
Milosevic. The prosecution and Hague Judges were furious at being exposed so
blatantly. The false charges now laid against Mr Markovic and his 15 year
sentence are his punishment for standing up to The Hague court and to those
who destroyed Yugoslavia.

In August 2003 Slobodan Milosevic spoke from The Hague about the persecution
of his family and the charges against him relating to Ivan Stambolic and Vuk

Part of his statement we print below. IJ

(Part of Statement)

The original link for this article is:

- Slobodan Milosevic's public response to charges fabricated by the Belgrade
regime -

In March 2001, I was accused of imaginary crimes, so I could be
arrested and delivered to The Hague.

These new accusations in 2003 have the same purpose: The Hague.
Only this time, their goal is to try to prevent, or at least minimize, the
obvious fiasco of the false Tribunal, which is serving as the weapon of war
against our country and our people. This time, unlike 2001, they have also
begun to terrorize my family, fiendishly persecuting my wife and my son. The
criminal campaign against my wife and my son is being mounted solely because
of my struggle here.

Their only crime is being my family.

People of Serbia and freedom-loving people throughout the world send me
messages of support and wish me victory. It seems that only the Belgrade
regime cheers on the Hague Tribunal, so much so that it does not balk from
terrorizing women and children.

Ivan Stambolic

I have been a friend of Ivan Stambolic for many years. We parted
ways at the 8th Session of the Serbian League of Communists' Central
Committee, in 1987. We never quarreled personally.

After he was relieved, he came to me and asked for one of the
best jobs (in both our opinion) in the SFRY: President of the Yugoslav bank
for international economic relations. And he received it, staying in that
position for over 10 years despite the practice of rotating the management,
until his retirement - for which he was eligible long before, on grounds of
both work experience and age.

He had been completely forgotten as a politician for many years.
Thus the story of how he represented a potential challenge in the elections
is a blatant lie, since he was never in the running. He was not even a
candidate. Besides, in those ten years, has any harm befallen any other

It is absurd to claim that I rushed to kill him as a threat, after I'd
enabled him to hold a position of his choice for 10 years and he retired!

Especially puzzling for me is that his family has readily accepted this
shallow lie. It seems they care more to blame me than find out the truth
about the fate of their father and husband.

Ivan Stambolic was a forgotten politician, and at the time of his
disappearance, a forgotten banker as well. No one in the state or the
political apparatus had mentioned him for years. He belonged to the era of
the former SFRY, and things have unfortunately changed since 1990.

No offense, but no one cared about Ivan Stambolic any more. There was no
persecution of those who supported his position at the 8th Session. Desimir
Jeftic, the chairman of the Serbian government who was also relieved, was
for many years the Ambassador to Romania. Ivan's best friend and neighbor
Dragan Tomic, the CEO of "Simpo" furniture company, remained a member of the
Party and state leadership. I am certain he would confirm that I had told
him, after Ivan was relieved, that I would think of him the worst if he'd
renounced his friend and turned his back on him. So, the truth is quite the
opposite from the story fabricated by several pathetic creatures.

I was informed of Ivan's disappearance over the telephone, by interior
minister Vlajko Stojiljkovic. I told him to use all the available resources
to find him. He told me that Ivan's wife and son reported his disappearance
in the afternoon, though he went jogging that morning, which would make the
investigation more difficult.

All border posts were notified, and Vlajko Stojiljkovic told me later that
evening that several hundred police were engaged in the investigation. I
insisted that all resources be used to find him [Stambolic] as soon as
possible. Certainly most of these officers are still employed by the
interior ministry, and can testify to that.

From what Stojiljkovic told me, everything that could have been done was


Since the investigator, during the introductions, mentioned my alleged
connection to the "attempted murder of Vuk Draskovic", I wish to say a few
words about that as well.

I never believed that what happened in Budva was a real murder attempt,
because it seems improbable that someone could shoot up all the bullets in a
small room like that and miss with every one of them. Even Vuk Draskovic,
with his talent for the dramatic, could not have turned into a fly or a
mosquito. I believed that either someone tried to scare him, or that he made
the entire incident up to gain attention and promote his role as the "victim
of the regime." It is not hard to see who could have benefited from such an
incident, but it is abundantly clear that it did not serve the government.
Quite to the contrary, in fact.

Are you not ashamed?

I demanded of both the investigator and the prosecutor that my interrogation
be public, and that they could even bring an open telephone line, so anyone
could ask me whatever they wanted. They explained that this was not allowed
by law, as long as the investigation was ongoing. I accepted that, but
requested that the recordings be made public at the end of the
investigation - since there would be no danger of potential interference at
that time. They rejected that as well, even though they had the full legal
authority to approve it. Neither I, nor they, nor my legal representatives
disputed that.

Today's government uses the law as an excuse for lawlessness and tyranny.
Nothing new!

Montestquieu wrote as early as 1742 that "There is no crueler tyranny than
one perpetrated under the shield of law, and in the name of justice."

In this entire dirty operation of trying to save this illegitimate Hague
court from a fiasco, the most shameful element is surely the persecution of
my wife and son. I told the investigating judge that his investigation
should include the phantom gold bars, foreign currency reserves, villas in
Switzerland and whatnot, because they were all mentioned in various
statements and extensive newspaper stories, only to be "forgotten" later.

I asked him "Are you not ashamed?" He did not answer.

To my wife and son, Mira and Marko, who have been separated from
me in this heinous way, I wish to say: "Life is too short to thank you for
your goodness."

Slobodan Milosevic

The Hague, 17 August 2003.


There have lately been so many unsavory internet appeals for support from people who, in the name of free expression, are trying to peddle writings that are not their own, and which are available elsewhere without charge--I speak here principally of the Opening Statement in President Milosevic's Defense, which can be found free on this blog, among other places--that I'm afraid the blogosphere will quickly move from donor fatigue to a full-blown donors' coma.

So finding support for writings like 'The General's Book on Rwanda' or most of the rest of the positions and information you find on the CM/P blog (like insisting on the truth about 911 and the whole 'Arab Terrorism' shuck) is more'n more difficult unto impossible.

So, if you can get off anything--anything at all!--it will make a big difference in ensuring the true story is told--whether the forces of accumulated surplus-value like it or not!

As always, we don't do credit cards or internet transfers here at CM/P. Please send all cash and euro checks payable to Mick Collins to

66, rue Marcelle
93500 Pantin

All $ checks, payable, again, to Mick Collins, should be directed to

c/o Montgomery
2497 Nakia Ct
Durham, CA 95938

Whatever you do, keep coming back to CirqueMinime/Paris. It works if you work it. So work it, you're worth it. But don't jerk it, you'll break it. --mc


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