Wednesday, November 30, 2005

VLASTIMIR PUSARA Still Needs Our Help!!!

[Helping Vlastimir Pusara would be a great way to remember Srebrenica +10--to remember what really happened there and how the Serbs, who, after the Western-backed, thoroughly illegal secessions of Slovenia, Croatia and BiH, put their name to the defense of Yugoslavia against foreign aggression--and were abjectly demonized by the Human Rightsters and the media they monopolize for what was not only a national reflex, but a categorical obligation under all international conventions and the UN charter.

(nb--At the time that Srebrenica went down, there were more Muslims living in Serbia than in BiH. Is that any way to run a fucking genocide?)

Even the most learned, Left-leaning scholars emeriti are all too quick to dissolve this national unit by impetuously affixing an 'ex-' or a 'former' to this UN founding member's name, and wind up talking about how 'atrocities' were shared equally among all the nationalities: Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Serbs. By doing this they turn their backs completely on any idea of a Yugoslav National Defense--and in the West this may be because of the Yugoslavs' close, friendly, and mutually beneficial relationship with that other contemporaneously targeted people, the Iraqis.

It should also be noted that Mr Pusara's difficult story resonates with the imminent horror awaiting Dr Leon Mugesera after his deporation from Canada back to Rwanda was ordered by a unanimous decision of the Canadian Supreme Court--that hysterical Guignol manipulated by what Prof Finkelstien has called the 'hoodlum' Canadian Jewish Congress.

If you'll remember, Dr Mugesera (Tiphaine Dickson tells his story somewhere on this blog--but in French.) was accused of making a 'hate speech' in Nov 1992 (he left Rwanda in 1993) that was supposed to have instigated the 1994 Rwandan Genocide of 100 Days: 6 April to 4 July. Though Dr Mugesera's speech was delivered well before Kigali became the Made-in-USA model for Srebrenica the following year, it went down just two years after the Rwandan Patriotic Front's invasion of Rwanda from Uganda (1 Oct 1990) and dead in the middle of the four-year reign of terror, with tens of thousands of Rwandans of every tribal affiliation slaughtered and more'n one million displaced, that this US/UK/UN invasion put in place.

So, once again, one man's call for national defense, is the HR Industy's idea of incitement to genocide.

But let's try to remember: This is about helping save Mr Vlastimir Pusara from his NATO-backed nightmare.

Urgent Appeal for Vlastimir Pusara--Update

Last week I appealed massively to the international community for help. My uncle, Vlastimir Pusara, had been in the process of appealing false allegations made against him when he was beaten, almost to death, in a notoriously dangerous prison. The attacks were ethnically motivated. Zenica, the prison in which he and others are in the same situation, has a history of human rights abuses. My uncle and four other detainees began a hunger strike as a last desperate attempt to be transferred to another prison. While the Minister of Justice of BiH demanded their transfer, this decision was blocked by the federation of BiH. While this stalemate continued, my uncle lay dying in prison. After 24 days of the hunger strike, the International Human Rights Court, having, indeed, found human rights violations in the prison, strongly urged the detainees to end their hunger strike and promised they would be released within seven days. They agreed. Seven days have come and gone, and once again no one is moving the detainees. My uncle, still in serious condition, needs help. IF HE REMAINS IN THIS PRISON HE WILL BE KILLED. This promise is written
on the wall of his cell. Please help me get him out. The OHR has the authority and the power to save these people's lives. Appeal to Paddy Ashdown himself. Appeal to Ian Patrick and Amela Zahiragic. Appeal to the ministers in the federation who are blocking this transfer. Appeal to the OSCE. The addresses are below. Please help me help my uncle.

Professor Lili Petrovic
Montreal, Canada


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