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Srebrenitsa, lies and media games--I was evacuating civilians from Srebrenitsa--by Zvonimir Trajkovic

[Here's another piece in CM/P's Srebrenica +10 series: Zvonmir Trajkovic has packed some very interesting information into his essay about what went down in 'the Silver City' that got President Radovan Karadzic to send him in to get the Yugoslav citizens out. He mentions that they used buses AND trucks for this evacuation--which kinda puts the monk on my call of Prof Chomsky's claim that the brutal Serbs 'trucked out the genocide survivors' from Srebrenica (as you know if you follow this blog, this is more in the spirit of what MIT's cunning linguist wrote than the exact letter--Prof Chomsky has always contended, vis à vis Srebrenica and the 1999 bombing of Serbia over Kosovo, that NATO was only slightly more brutal than its victims, the Serbs, themselves--I don't think he's said anything about the 4,000 bombing runs NATO flew against the Bosnian Serbs that culminated in the 14-day 1995 non-stop terror bombing that kicked off after the battle of Srebrenica [or was it after the Markale market bombing, staged by Izedbegovic and the Bosnian Muslims on the eve of yet another peace deal with the Serbs] and Dayton). He also mentions Dr Stankovic, the Serbian 'Quincy', who did autopsies on all the 1200 or so bodies found buried around Srebrenica only to declare that they were for the most part civilian victims of Naser Oric and his 28th Corps mates' serial murder and mutilation sprees (believe me, you don't want to see pictures of this freak Oric's work--though he'd gladly, even gleefully, show them to you, as he did to German TV a few years back.). And something that Mr Trajkovic left out is that Dr Stankovic testified in 2001 or 2002 before The Hague ad hoc tribunal about his autopsies, and all the transcripts of his testimony have disappeared from the Trib's website. Later 'independent DNA tests' verified that the bodies were mostly Muslims--this marked the first time an 'Islamic gene' had been isolated. Pretty neat forensics, huh? This is the kind of stuff's got me back re-reading Ruth Hubbard's Exploding the Gene Myth (Beacon, Boston, 1997), which I can't recommend highly enough. --mc]

Zvonimir Trajković [Zvonimir Traykovitch] in the authorized text:
I was evacuating civilians from Srebrenitsa

Srebrenitsa, lies and media games
Karagitch's war consultant truly on Srebrenitsa

Belgrade, June 22, 2005

 What really happened in Srebrenitsa?
 Why was the short movie on the liquidation of six Muslims shown just now,
ten years after the event?
 Will this media euphoria, in which the highest state officials take part,
lead to a national catharsis, or it is only the fulfillment of the
obligations that our Government marionettes accepted before October 5, 2000?
 How much is this political exhibitionism of our politicians going to cost,
and who will pay for it?

The operation in Srebrenitsa was planned and realized in the form of a
horseshoe, intentionally leaving open space for the Muslim army and
civilians to move towards Tuzla. The distance of 36 Km and the configuration
of the terrain are such that any man with an average physique can cross it
on foot. The military operation was conducted in such a manner in order to
minimize the number of casualties, since the Muslims had brought in
substantial military forces. If the Muslim forces had been hermetically
closed in, violent fighting would have occurred in which the army of the RS
would also have suffered serious losses, which was the reason why the
horse - shoe plan was adopted.

All this can be clearly seen on the American map of the withdrawal of the
Muslim army. It should be noted that no ambush was set up at
Snagovo. Rather, the main part of the Muslim army planned to infiltrate into
Zvornik and to create a new city problem to the army of the RS. The clashes
at Nova Kasaba in the Konyevitch Field occurred due to the Muslim blockade
of the main road connecting Belgrade-Zvornik-Vlasenitsa–Han Pyesak–Sarayevo (i.e.

According to the army of RS data, between 600 and 700 Muslim fighters were
killed in that operation while attempting to break the horse-shoe
at some places, in order to join the dislocated Muslim units. The main
Muslim forces, as well as a part of the civilians, reached Tuzla across free
mountain trails.

In Srebrenitsa and in Zhepa, where the Muslims stayed for almost three years,
there were between 6.5 and 7 thousand Muslim soldiers who were
permanently attacking the neighboring Serb villages from the UN-protected
enclave. Such a strategy of permanent aggression, eventually led to the
destruction of 128 Serb villages in the vicinity of Srebrenitsa, in which
2400 Serb civilians were killed. The Muslim strategy of maintaining strong
forces in Srebrenitsa and Zhepa had several goals. First, it was tying down a
significant part of the Serb military forces in defense against the continuous
Muslim attacks, so that those Serb forces could not be transferred to the Sarayevo
front to enforce the siege of Sarayevo. Next, as suggested by Croatian-Occidental
strategists, it was necessary to separate the Republic of Srpska from its border
with Serbia in order to ease its later destruction. For this reason, the protected
enclaves, such as Srebrenitsa, Zhepa, and Gorazhde, were created along the Drina.
Moreover, strong propaganda about ‘thousands of killed’ was aimed
at keeping up the tension in the world community and pushing into full oblivion
the Muslim atrocities in Bratunats, Kravitsa, Skelani and other burned-out Serb
villages around Srebrenitsa, in which only Serb civilians were destroyed.

In the East of Bosnia, the fighting with the Muslim forces had been going on for
three years, and all Muslim soldiers that were killed in these battles, as
well as the civilians, were buried in that limited area, often in mass
graves. These are now being exhumed as alleged genocide victims. Several
months after the fall of Srebrenitsa, our pathologists led by General
Stankovitch, together with Western pathologists, found in all mass graves a
total of 1,284 bodies that were to be identified by DNA and other
methods. These investigations lasted until the middle of 1997, when the
investigations were halted by orders from the West, which considered the
number of bodies found thus far to be a fair approximation of the total
number of victims. Moreover, after five years of intensive search by KFOR
and Hague investigators in the territory of Srebrenitsa, no more than 1,700
bodies were found in all mass graves together.

After the bombing of Serbia in 1999, Srebrenitsa was born again and new
mass graves have since been appearing, but now the Western experts under the
protection of The Hague Tribunal have been the exclusive investigators.
Those investigations have not been finished yet. New graves are appearing,
and at present there are alleged to be about 3,000 bodies. It wouldl not
surprise me if the number grows further and reaches 12-15 thousands.
They will probably be careful enough not to exceed the total number of the
civilian population of that region.

I was the consultant to Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karagitch during
the execution of the Srebrenitsa operation, and I was with him during that
operation. Immediately after the end of the military operation I was sent
to Srebrenitsa in order to provide the buses and trucks for the transport
of Muslim civilians to the Tuzla region. There was no indication of any such
massacre, and none of the UN soldiers who were present during the entire
operation indicated anything like that. At that time they did not give any
declaration or comment that would indicate that a massacre had occured.
Only later, under the instructions of their headquarters, did they start to
claim that there were killings of civilians and mass executions, all that as
part of the media propaganda dictated by major lobbies and other world
centers of power.

Besides, photos clearly show adult men, and not just women and
children. Srebrenitsa is a little mining settlement, literally with just two
streets, in which about 35,000 civilians and soldiers of Naser Oric were
crowding. It is evident in the photos that nobody was wailing or crying which
would be logical if 1/4 of the total number of the inhabitants had been killed,
as it is claimed today.

A question arises as to how is it possible that during such an alleged massacre,
none of the commandants of the Muslim forces under the command of Naser
Oric suffer any damage. They all withdrew safely to Tuzla.

During the first elections after the Dayton Agreement, due to Muslim
carelessness and their wish to gain the strongest possible vote score,
several thousands of those "massacred" in Srebrenitsa and Zhepa appeared at
the voting places throughout Bosnia! Later, they were all urgently issued
new documents with different names, in order further to exploit this
farce of Srebrenitsa.

A particular role in that region was played also by the French Foreign Legion,
because General Morillon was the commander of the UN forces for
the protected zones for a long period of time. Contrary to the agreement on
the protected zones, he tolerated thousands of armed Muslims and even armed
them through humanitarian convoys. Our state possesses video recordings that
prove beyond dispute, with cameras in place, that arms and ammunitions were
delivered to Srebrenitsa's Muslims in trucks carrying humanitarian aid.
Furthermore, we also have a rich video documentation of the massacre of
Serbs in the villages around Srebrenitsa, but it is not convenient for this
marionette Government to show it to the public. In such case, both our and
the world community would get a different insight in the events in Srebrenitsa
and why it was necessary to neutralize that "Free zone".

In an unbelievable manner, Zhepa has been lost from this constructed
Srebrenitsa story, because around 1,500 soldiers were captured there with a
rich arsenal of arms. All of them were safely transferred across the Drina to
Serbia, later to Bosnia, without losing a single hair from their heads.
Before they were returned to Bosnia, numerous "humanitary expeditions"
including Ms Ogata's, were visiting those imprisoned soldiers in order to
verify their fair treatment as prisoners of war. That is why Zhepa is nowhere
mentioned, since it would be strong proof as to how our army was behaving
during that clash. It should be noted that the operations in Srebrenitsa and
Zhepa were carried out simultaneously under the command of the same
officers, against whom there is a claim that they conducted a massacre in
Srebrenitsa. Perhaps the Muslims from Zhepa were more likeable to them
and for that reason they transferred them safely to Serbia without killing

Why the video recording made 10 years ago is shown just now

The video recording of the execution of six Muslims, which is being shown in
all media these days, and which was launched by radio B92 of Geo Soros’,
who else could it be, is only a part of the organized campaign before the
important negotiations on Kosovo.

It does not make anybody ‘face the truth’, because the crime depicted on
this video does not have any connection with Srebrenitsa. It was committed
in the vicinity of Trnovo near Sarayevo, i.e., 170 km far from Srebrenitsa.
Linking that crime with Srebrenitsa is aimed at refreshing the myth about
the suffering of Srebrenitsa's Muslims just before the tenth anniversary
of the event at which our President Taditch should appear with a full
apology. It is the continuation of the propaganda war, which is aimed at
representing to the world that the Serbs are a genocidal nation. Against
such a nation, all is justifiable, including the bombing of 1999. Such a
nation does not deserve to retain Kosovo in its state, and the hands of our
"statesmen" will be tied because they are thought to represent the genocidal
people in this particular international negotiations. In that case, the Republic
of Srpska is a genocidal creation that should be destroyed as such, and a tutor
should be imposed on the Serbs. That is why everything possible is being done
to force the Serbs "to face" their "truth"; so that the West remains pure and
moral. For this purpose all available means are used, such as diverse
"non-government" organizations and foundations, our venal intellectuals and
the world's propaganda machinery.

For this purpose of driving home the "truth", Paddy Eshdown has nimbly included
himself. He angrily tore up the report of the independent commission of RS
about the crimes in Srebrenitsa, and, under threat of replacement, he ordered
president Chavitch and other leaders of RS to concur that there were 8,000
Muslims killed and that he expected such to be the report from them. Also, in
order to drown RS in the united Bosnia, this English democrat "democratically"
kicked out 73 legally elected RS officials from their positions of leadership
because they dared to think with their own heads and to defend the rules of
the Dayton agreement.

Many are working to construct such an image about the Serbs, ranging from
the (well known to us) International Crisis Group (ICG) to the office of
David Barnow, which is often mentioned as the source of "information" about
the massacre of 6,000, later 8,000, Muslim civilians in Srebrenitsa. That office
is the center for a well paid Muslim lobby in the United States, which created
and which has conducted the campaign about Srebrenitsa, as well as the
earlier lies about thousands of raped Muslim women, concentration camps for
Muslims, etc,…

Irresponsibility of politicians and of the actual Government

Our tragedy is not Srebrenitsa, nor even other Serb gallows. Our problem is
the existing marionette government that does not try to fight for the truth,
to defend national dignity and Serb interests. Our tragedy is the fact that
our state politics is in the hands of Natasha Kanditch and the band of other
foreign hirelings, because our President apologizes under orders from the
West without caring about possible consequences for the state and the

Miloshevitch was hiding the truth in order not to irritate the West, as he
was trying to "buy" for himself a few more years for his presidential
mandate, and now he is in The Hague. The question as to whether he will, at
last, present the full truth depends on the availability to him of all
the documentation that we have; or he might eventually accept a negotiation
with the tribunal in order to ease the punishment, as many have done so far.

For the Serbian people it would be ideal if the whole truth could be presented.
We the Serbs, for the sake of the truth, have an obligation to respond
fiercely to the lies and false constructions because it is the only way for our
nation to undergo a real catharsis. It is a crime to kill one man, to say nothing
of the cold-blooded killing of six fellows. However, such crimes are acts of
ill-minded individuals who have first names and family names and who
should be tried in a court, without any doubt. In the recent civil and
religious clashes in these areas there were various awful crimes on all
sides. We should not create epopees from some of them and forget the others
as if that they had never happened.

In these civil-religious clashes, the Serbs have been ethnically cleansed
from Slovenia, Croatia, from a part of Bosnia and from Kosovo and Metohiya.
But only Serbs are accused of ethnic clensing. Others started the wars,
but only we are accused of instigating the war and the disintegration of
Yugoslavia. Just take a look at the map and you will see clearly that the
Greater Croatia has been created, but we are accused of trying to create
a Greater Serbia. How long will those lies and falsifications of facts continue?
When will our state leadership submit under the nose of the West all these
facts, which are clearly evident and easily provable? When will they say to
the United States and EU that Shiptars can get the same degree of the
autonomy that the West gave to the Serbs in Croatia, i.e., RSK? I hope soon.
If not the present one, then a new leadership will do it.

Zvonimir Traykovitch


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