Sunday, April 03, 2005

Duci's Posters--an erratum

[In captioning one of Duci's posters, I mispoke. I said he was refused entry into the US to play in an Olympic All-Star game because he was a communist. Here's the real story. I'm still trying to post the posters he sent, but it's been difficult 'cause I've been laughing so hard at this story. mc]

Dear Mick,

I am very grateful for everything you are doing for my work. I am
particularly happy that some of my theoretical cogitations can help you in
your work. As of your "caption", the true story is that Americans didn't
allow me to entry to US as a coach of the Norwegian basketball national team
because I didn't want to send them copy of my Communist party book-which I
didn't have. I just put in the interview send by American embassy that I am
a member of Communist party - what was the protest because they are posing
such questions, and it was a support for other communist who were under
pressure. I send a message to American embassy that "I am going to send them
copy of my penis". The answer from embassy was "very negative!" . In Norway
it was a scandal. I am finishing a book with the title "The basis of the
contemporary critic of capitalism" and when I find the possibility to
translate some parts of the book I'll send to you. If you have a possibility
I would like to have your articles to understand better your work and to
understand the development of the critic of today capitalist society. I
asked my friend from Metz to send to you a copy of my film in French on DVD.
Unfortunately we lost your home address and please send us your address
again. We are going to send to you all my posters if you need printed
posters we can send to you. As of our "president" Tadic he "won" elections
with 26% of votes. We think that in local elections the patriot forces will
have majority in most towns in Serbia. We don't believe that will happen in
Belgrade because here is the biggest concentration of the Soros bastards in
our country. If you need some specific information's we can send to you.
Dear Mick we thank you again for your friendly support and we hope we shall
see you soon. Best regards for your family and you. Duci & Ivan


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