Friday, September 17, 2004

Open Letter from Christopher Black, Vice Chair and Chair, Legal Committee, ICDSM.

An Open Letter

The International Criminal Tribunal For Yugoslavia, an association of
criminals which is neither international nor a judicial body, was created
in violation of international law, and in violation of and against the
founding principles of the United Nations Charter. It makes false charges,
arrests and detains without legal authority, and conducts what it calls
"trials" in violation of international law and all national laws and
standards of justice. It serves as a weapon with which the United States
and its allies attempt to destroy the fundamental principle of sovereignty
of nations which is the essential basis of the self-determination of
peoples and democracy for which the Allies of World War II ostensibly
fought the fascists of Germany, Italy and Japan.

Now, the fascists have risen anew and, having seized power in the United
States and among its allies in the other Nato countries, pretend to create
a New World Order in which they alone will decide who lives and who dies,
who is free and who is imprisoned and the economic and social conditions
under which we will all live.

In the name of freedom they create slavery. In the name of justice and
human rights they maim and kill. In the name of international law they
established the rule of ruthless power. In the name of democracy they
destroy democracy. In the name of the people they make a world

An essential part of the dictatorship is the system of unlaw and uncourts
they have created known as the ad hoc criminal tribunals whose sole
purpose is to support the New World Order and destroy any nation or
national leadership which opposes it.

The uncourts known as the ICTY, its sister, The ICTR for Rwanda, and its
half-sisters for Sierre Leone, Cambodia, and East Timor were established
and are maintained and controlled principally by the United States in
order to demonize those who resist its diktats, to destroy the sovereignty
of those countries and by implication and effect the sovereignty of all
nations except the United States and to act as propaganda machines that
present false histories of the events that took place in those countries,
without exception turning the victims of US aggression into scapegoats and
"criminals" and, to cover up the true role of the United States and its
allies in those events.

The ICTY was established with these aims in order to destroy Yugoslavia
and all progressive forces in Yugoslavia and to control the Balkans and
threaten Russia. The ICTR was established to destroy Rwanda as a
progressive African state and to control the immense resources of central
Africa. The hybrid UN-national tribunals for Sierre Leone, Cambodia and
East Timor were similarly created to crush opposition to US and its allies
interest in those regions.

In each case the United States, using its influence in the Security
Council, has created criminal bodies which claim to be courts, which have
officials parading before the public in fancy dress, who have high
sounding titles and a proportionately low moral sense and which have
drafted "Statutes", empty pieces of paper signifying nothing but
purporting to give themselves a legal gloss immediately denied by their
rules of procedure and evidence which are designed to prevent fair trials
and the truth from ever being known.

The supporters of these bodies claim they are acting in accord with
justice, law and humanity. The imposition of counsel on President
Milosevic, an action which could only take place because of the complete
absence of ethics in the family of lawyers named Kay selected by the
tribunal to silence him and cripple his defence, is the most heinous
action of all of the triumvirate of Nato stooges wearing the red robes of
the Inquisition and who are a self-parody of judges.

The fascist nature of these tribunals is openly revealed. The justice of
the cause of President Milosevic is plain.

The people of the world must recognize that President Milosevic and all
the other prisoners of the New World Order are hostages of that order,
held as an example to us all. The people of the world must act to stop
these injustices from continuing before we all become its victims. The
prisoners of all these ad hoc tribunals must be released. The tribunals
must be shut down. Those who created them must face justice before their
national courts for the war crimes they have committed. The sovereignty
of nations and international law must be restored. International law will
be restored. Together, the power is in our hands to restore it.

Christopher Black
Vice Chair and Chair, Legal Committee
Arusha, Tanzania


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