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COUPLE a STATEMENTS from the COMRADES in the once and future Yugoslavia

COUPLE a STATEMENTS from the COMRADES in the once and future YUGOSLAVIA

[A couple of brief statements from the comrades in the once and future Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was and is Socialism--Socialism is about production for EVERYONE'S needs, for EVERYONE'S life; advanced capitalism is about production of false scarcity, false need, and general, exhorbitant waste, the destruction of life: and Socialism will out. It's either Socialism or annihilation. I won't get into it here--just to say how often these days I am reminded of that first craven gesture by the comprador administration of Kostunica and Djindjic back in 2000-1 that took over from President Milosevic after their Western NED goons had threatened him with bloody war in Serbia/Yugoslavia if he did not vacate his duly elected office: They extinguished the 'eternal' flame to the victims of the NATO bombing, so as not to embarrass the rich Western jackals that had come to feed on their DU-tinged misery. And NONE of this omniverous feeding frenzy EVER, from Enron's backing Tudjman in the Croatian seccessionist plebesite of 1991, to Dick Holbrooke's brokering of the Sarajevo gas deal from his chair at Credit Suisse First Boston in 1995, to the gang hit on the quisling Hiedeggerian/Habermasian PM Zoran Djindjic (and the recent assassinations of two of the key witnesses in this on-going criminal case), had squat-all to do with nationality, ethnicity, or religion. It was never about civil war. It was about privatizing the valuable and socializing the suffering--or simply, wasting another People. --mc]


from: NORTHSTAR COMPASS - April 2006

Statement by:

The Yugoslav Communist League

For four and a half decades, we lived in Socialism in Yugoslavia, which had hundreds of faults, but thousands of virtues. Now we are forced into wild capitalism with thousands of faults and no virtues whatsoever!

Socialism in our country was a nascent social order. It had to overcome many burdensome consequences of the First and Second World Wars, countless inherited problems, and a capitalist blockade. It had to set aside great resources for its own defence. Consequently, and naturally, there was no abundance. Nevertheless, there was always money for all necessities of life, for every individual person in society.

Now, an overwhelming majority of the population has no employment and they will not have any while this vassal bourgeoisie is in power, installed by NATO bayonets and supported by dollars. Because of this vassal state, Yugoslavia has ceased to exist. Also, as a result of NATO aggression, Kosovo and Metohija are occupied and transformed into the largest NATO military base in Europe.

With the adoption of the unconstitutional law of co-operation with the Hague Tribunal, the present vassal regime has in fact legalized NATO aggression against the FR Yugoslavia. In six years of the present regime and the current triumvirate, DSS/SPO/MS, more people have lost their lives than in all of the misfortunes of the 45 years of Socialism.

Under this present regime, our country has become the most impoverished country in Europe. Foreign debt has reached near $16 billion dollars. An average Yugoslav four-member family now owes more than $8,500. Only 20% of mports are covered by exports, while the foreign trade deficit amounts to over $6 billion dollars. More than 60% of the country’s industrial capacity is not utilized -- partially utilized - or is shut down. Close to 40,000 enterprises are in receivership or very close to it. Most all companies and enterprises were sold to foreign capital for a pittance or to the emerging domestic bourgeoisie – while during all this time, not a single large enterprise has been built!

All that we have now was built under socialism. The number of unemployed people now has reached over 2,000,000. The average wage of those that still have a job is $2 per day! The working class is deprived of their rights and converted into an exploited workforce for foreign capitalists and the domestic mafia.

With the support of the corrupted union leaders, Europe’s most reactionary labour laws were enacted. By means of privatization of state, social and cooperative property, foreign and newly emerged capitalists have stolen from our people that which was created over decades by the sweat and blood of our ancestors, our fathers and mothers as well as ourselves.


Statement by the CC League of Yugoslav Communist Youth

Slobodan Milosevic, President of Yugoslavia was an anti-imperialist fighter. He showed the world the truth about the aggression by the Western powers against Yugoslavia; he was a symbol of resistance to the new world fascism.

For this 'crime', the Hague Tribunal 'executed' him, by its refusal to allow his medical treatment in Moscow, in spite of his critical medical condition.

We demand the UN Secretary General immediately suspend the functioning of this criminal institution--and that the UN Security Council irradicate its very existence!

We also demand that the pro-Western Serbian bourgeois regime immediately cut off any and all cooperation with this Imperialist Hague Tribunal!

In this tragic hour, we wish strength to President Milosevic's family, to the people of Yugoslavia and to all independent minds that were and that will be involved in the struggles against enslavement, shallowness and imperialist arrogance.

The guilty ones must be punished!


We just hope that Russia and China, both members of the UN Security Council and both having Veto Power, will do what you comrades are proposing. They could have done more when President Milosevic was alive!


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