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[Here's the English version of LE PLAN DIABOLIQUE INTERNATIONAL CONTRE LE CONGO. All that stuff about 'American Wants to Know About Coltan' is bullshit. Sorry. America doesn't want to know about anything having to do with the real history of the real world. What they want is more bullshit fairy tales about plucky little peacock-plumed aristocrats heroically holding out (in their well-stocked hotels) against the terrible turbaned hordes of anti-Semitic Semites. They want to hear about how 19 Arab kids pulled off 911; how Timmy McVeigh's Ryder-full of horse-shit blew the face off the Oklahoma City Federal Bldg (from outside!); how death is brought on by a sexually (socially) transmissible virus; how US-armed Democracy is on the march and its bloody boot prints can be found across the world where longings for communal self-sufficiency have been tortured into pathetic dependence on the Feudal wasting of parasitic Western criminality; how the only two blood-drenched nuclear powers today committing unrestrained and inhuman aggressions worldwide (along with their pathetic poodles and craven caniches) are really the good guys; and how all those who would resist these terrorist maraudings and defend the lives of their family and friends, their women, children and old folks, their nations, are the real terrorists and must be put away or just put down like diseased vermin. Below you'll find another example of just what they don't want to hear: The sort of incitement to national self defense that has landed some of the best and the bravest of such places as Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Palestine and Iraq either into UN detention centers or shallow graves. Guys like Dr Leon Mugesera (who, along with his whole family, faces deportation from Canada) and George Rutaganda (the Rwandan Tubourg distributor responsible for supplying Paul Rusesbagina with the dry and wet goods necessary to accomodate his 'heroic' Hotel Rwanda capitulation to the terrorist RPF of Paul 'mad dog' Kagame) are looking into some pretty grim futures for saying a whole helluva lot less than this Congolese patriot says here. --mc]

(Grands-Lacs Confidentiel 10/01/2005)

Dear Readers of Grand-Lacs Confidentiel, Grands-Lacs Confidentiel has received a very alarming message concerning a disasterous situation that has been planned and is anticipated to jump off in the next few months in Kinshasa. This plan is aimed at the current government of Congo, Senators, Congressmen and others who have said ‘No’ to the slavery of globalization that the International Community wants to impose on the people of Congo through the unwholesome offices of (Pres of Rwanda, Paul) Kagame, (Ugandan Pres.) Museveni and the Tutsi military junta ruling in Burundi.

While GLAC cannot vouch for the responsibility of its source or certify the authenticity or veracity of this message, we believe that it is our duty to send it to all our readers, because the team here at Grands-Lacs Confidentiel does not, can not nor will not participate in any way, even passively, in any conspiracy to destroy the Congolese nation and, by extention, African in general.

Here below, in quotes, is the full text of this message just as it came to the office of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel.

= = = = TEXT BEGINS HERE = = = =


I am Congolese. I have lived in the US for more than 15 years. Dear brothers and sisters from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): At the moment I am sending this message I am very sad and demoralized. I have some certain and reliable information. We should know that an (international) conspiracy is currently directed against our DRC. This conspiracy was set up three months before the massacre at Gatumba, the route was plotted by a diabolical ring of Americans and South Africans along with some of their African lackeys. The (Anglo Saxon) executors of this plot against Kinshasa are the DRC RWANDA OF RUBERWA. Dear Compatriots, here is how the conspiracy is planned:

1- First off it will be a matter of physically neutralizing (by spontaneous assassination) J. KABILA, J.P. MBEMBA, TSHISEKEDI, ONDEKANE, YERODIA, KASHAMURA, KISEMPIA,


2- After the neutralization of the above mentioned, A. Ruberwa is going to proclaim himself president.

3- Then is to come the introduction into Kinshasa of a multi-national foreign force under the auspices of the UN, with the stated purpose of avoiding a bloodbath. (But having planned quite the contrary effect) This force will be composed of troops from South Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

The Ethiopians are to provide security to A. Ruberwa (with their cover being they are Banyamulenge [Congolese Tutsis]) and

The South African force will be sent into the mining regions beginning with the two Kasaï.

The Nigerian soldiers are meant to neutralize the AFDRC (Armed Forces of the DRC) and the people of Kinshasa.

At present there are already agents of this terrorist mission in Kinshasa within Ruberwa’s closed circle.

This group is made up of a former liason officer with the ZAF (Zairean Armed Forces), TWAHIRUA, who has recently given himself a more Tutsi-sounding name, in the company of his 15 men:

5 Americans of Kenyan origin (Tutsis)

7 Rwandans (Tutsis) and

3 Black Jewish technicians (of the Falachas), all were trained for six months here in the US at two different centers (in special programs).

Then, once this coup succeeds, Bizima will proclaim himself chief of the Hema Empire in the East of Congo with the backing of Kagame’s army and some Erytrian troops.

The aggression that Kagame launched into the East of Congo was not an improvisation but rather the setting up of a back channel power line to drive this diabolic plan.

It is first necessary to drive the native Congolese from the East and into the forests, so that they may be administered a mysterious poison with the full complicity of the M.O.N.U.C. (UN Mission to Congo)--this has already secretly begun in order to clear the terrain for BIZIMA.

6- An appeal to the musicians of Congo: You must decline all invitations coming to you from Rwandan Ministries to go and play for students on 17 May 2005, because this concert will be solely for the purpose of distracting these students from the terrorist mission that is to be initiated on that date.

7- A message to the President of the DRC, JOSEPH KABILA: Mr President, the criminal plotting of the UN against us (the People of Congo) is foreseeable. They are preparing to poison you with a microphone, so you must be very careful with the (White) journalists of R T L TV1 . . .

If this message is not taken seriously or if A. Ruberwa is not neutralized or killed before 18 May 2005 ! The future will tell us.

--The remark made by Kagame to Ruberwa:

« I’ve already told you that no one has ever succeeded to rule in Africa without spilling blood.

Who are you feeling sorry for? The Congolese at the moment that you want to rule them? »

These words encapsulate all the thoughts of the mentally ill Paul Kagame.

8- A fervent appeal to the Congolese of Kinshasa! Dear ones . . . all these people (Tutsis) who are in Kinshasa with Ruberwa are soldiers from Ethiopia come for the purpose of drawing the blood of the Congolese people.

So they must not be allowed to return to Ethopia alive.

The struggle to save our country continues » = = ORIGINAL TEXT ENDS HERE = =

© Copyright Grands-Lacs Confidentiel


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