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A Little Back-Story on The Rwandan G and Karenzi Karake or KK (pron: Ca-Ca), Dr. Bernie Kouchner's man in Darfur--from our new friends at Radio Katwe

A Little Back-Story on The Rwandan G and Karenzi Karake or KK (pron: Ca-Ca), Dr. Bernie Kouchner's man in Darfur--from our new friends at Radio Katwe

[The evidence against the consensus genocide mythology mounts. But in this election season, the forces of delusional revision continue to batter all expressions of the will of the great majority with a sectarian nightmare vision of victimized minorities, tortured unto extermination, struggling for justice (and just compensations, fo sho) against all odds. Democracy for the few is being paid for with the blood of the many.

Since 53% of the French voting public were cajoled and/or terrorized into acting against their own interests by elevating to the Elysée Palace the sayan (home-grown sleeper agent of Israeli military intelligence--see Le Figaro or and self-proclaimed Fascist (sampling JFK's 'ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country', when pronouned by someone whose family owns the country, is a pure Fascist spiel), Nick 'the geek' Sarkozy, all pretension to democratic humanism in this country has been abandoned. France now is all about collaboration all the time.

But after the first round of the French elections produced the two-candidate run-off between the so-called Socialist, Royale (not to say that I wouldn't like to hurt the comrade a little), and the Cagney-esque (i.e., Jimmy, not '-and Lacey') neo-con(nard), Sarkozy (guy's so short his wife left him 'cause he wouldn't to go up on her), the only thing that even remotely recommended a vote for the miserable munchkin mouthpiece for the MEDEF (the association of France's corporate owners on whose board of directors sits Sarkozy's brother), was that it might keep the unspeakably craven and cadaverously handsome humanitarianoid, Dr Bernie Kouchner, out of the government. But like all truly 'democratic elections', France's was impossible to predict--though the major media called the final outcome pretty much on the nose right after the first round. In 'undemocratic elections', like those recently held in (a priori) 'undemocratic Russia'--and in which I had the highly 'undemocratic privilege and pleasure' to take a small role as an 'independent' election observer (and which, as with all my roles, I played balls to the wall)--even when the party in power has an 80% approval rating, is guaranteed a minimum 60+% voter turn-out, and has absolutely no need to coerce or trick or terrorize its constituency, legions of 'professional election monitors' (aka 'election tourists')--those who are actually able to find their way to attending the events--will decry thousands of violations of election protocols without ever citing a single incident--or explaining why a party commanding such popular support as does United Russia would have to resort to low-down dirty tricks.

But France, with its new Foreign Minister, Doctor K, has recently demonstrated some of the expected results of just this sort of democratic treachery. By turning its back on, or even apologizing for the Bruguière Report, an investigation led by French anti-terrorist judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière (search the English translation on this blog), into the murders of three French nationals, the crew of the Falcon 50 executive jet, on which the presidents of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana, and Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira, and their entourages, were flying home from a peace conference in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, on 6 April 1994, when it was shot down on its approach to the Kigali airport by two SAM missiles fired by members of the 'rebel' RPF, aided and abetted by their US and Belgian advisors, on the order of current Rwandan President and RPF leader Paul Kagame--which judicial finding called for the arrests of nine RPF principals in this terrorist plot, and the charging Kagame before the ICC--France has bent itself buns-heaven-ward before the throbbing and suppurating member of Western Imperialism and literally begged to be further, harder and more deeply sodomized by the US/UK and Israel, and without the slightest blush of humiliation at so eagerly accepting the role of genocidaire, bestowed on them by the mass-murderers themselves, in return for their righteous defense of the struggling Rwandan revolution, and demonstrating their abject demoralization by naming one of chief and long-time participants in the campaign of mass murder that continues today thoughout Central Africa, Karenzi Karake, to head the African Union 'peacekeeping mission' in Dr Bernie's very own pet genocide in Darfur.

You know, there are collaborators (like the commoner Bill Clinton who served his 'betters' by destroying the American welfare system, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Rwanda, Russia, etc.,) and then there are collaborators (the Vichy functionary, Francois Mitterand, who yanked one of his Nazi colleagues, Klaus Barbie, out of Bolivia and boxed him on charges of carrying out the very orders he [Mitterand] and his boss, Gen Petain, had set forth)--but nobody does it better (or more often) than the French. Here now's a little background--not just of Dr K's nominee as Africa's Warrior for Peace, KK (yeah, that's exactly what the smell is!)--but on the reality of just who the real genocidaire are, were, have always been. And with this article you will be able to add the Luwero Triangle to the list of places where Man's inhumanity to Man has found most-bloody expression. --mc]


More on Karenzi Karake, the RPF role in 1994 Rwandan genocide
Last updated : 12 Oct 2007, Kampala

A source in Kigali calling himself a freedom fighter has written to us in response to Mr. Muhindo in Canada. We bring you his letter and we add our comments below his letter:


I would like to comment on Mr. Muhindo's false info on major general Karake Karenzi (KK) the new AU deputy commander in Darfur.

Mr. Muhindo needs to understand that he does not have a clue on the Rwandan Genocide.

KK was an RPA afande (officer) in 1994 and well known to us who saw him and saw his devil side. Yes he killed not the kind of death anyone would want to die because these individuals were competing for favors and recognition in Kagame's eyes or else they would face the same sentence Rwigyema received for using his common sense.

Yes KK was present and did take part in the killings at Kibeho. He is a ruthless animal who deserves to be hanged. Yes the RPF government found him guilty and he did get a sentence of house arrest for a few months and a slap on the wrist.

We all know that Kagame holds the guilt of killing RPF officers and we know that he wanted to be in power at all costs. Be it sacrificing his fellow Tutsi people. Yes there were some Hutu extremists who took part in the 1994 massive massacre and these did not realize that they were being ordered by their leaders who happened to be Tutsi and these were suicide agents who sacrificed themselves for Kagame.

To mention a few examples, Robert Kajuga was the head of the interahamwe countrywide. He is 100% Tutsi and a cousin to Kagame's wife Jeanette. Gaston Karangwa is another Tutsi interahamwe and as a matter of fact he killed more Tutsi than anybody.

What happened to these people? They were killed by RPF because their mission was over. So the genocide is so complicated and people need to find the truth. Anyone with common sense would tell you that no one will ever wake up in the morning and decides to kill his/her neighbors just because they belong to this or that tribe.

Even the animals that we consider to be dumber than us don't do that unless they are provoked in some way. Machetes crossed from Uganda to Rwanda, RPF agents were everywhere with orders of killing without mercy, and KK was amongst them.

So let us get the truth and seek justice and take those killers were they belong, "hell".

From a freedom fighter.


Thank you freedom fighter for writing to Radio Katwe. Many Rwandese today would find it too hard to believe that their family members and loved ones were killed by the RPA by orders of Kagame so that the Hutu could be blamed.

If you want to know what happened in the 1994 genocide and who orchestrated it, you should first of all go to Uganda and investigate the 1981-84 massacres in Luwero Triangle and who carried them out.

Innocent people are killed in war by both sides. It is a sad fact but don't stop there. Begin asking about other mass murders that had nothing to do with specific clashes between NRA and former Uganda army UNLA.

You should find out what role Kagame played in Luwero in the killer squad called the "Black Bombers". You should ask former NRA fighters what the Black Bombers did. You should ask NRA veterans how the Bombers did what they did and what weapons they used and what were their methods. We strongly urge Ugandans to find former NRA fighters and ask them confidentially what this secret group was all about.

You should ask how President Milton Obote (RIP) ended up being blamed for killing 300,000 people in Luwero.

When you have found out how innocent peasants in Luwero were massacred by the NRA under the command of Yoweri Museveni with officers like Paul Kagame, then you will have the data to help you compare Luwero and Rwanda in 1994.

If you are wondering how Kagame and the RPF could kill their fellow Tutsi after going back to Rwanda, you should look for Banyarwanda from Uganda who are survivors or lost loved ones in Luwero Triangle.

You should ask them how their loved ones were killed. They will tell you that Obote's army , (because that is how they were dressed, in UNLA uniforms of Obote's army) would come at night and kill their loved ones. They might also tell you a small detail which you ought to find interesting, that these "UNLA" soldiers, who were supposed to be "Northerners", were speaking Kiswahili with a Kinyarwanda accent. As you know, the RPF was started and led by Rwandese officers who defected from NRA, and the NRA itself took part in that war. Now begin connecting dots to understand the untold story of RPA/RPF in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

You should also ask what Lt. Colonel Reuben Ikondere of Museveni's NRA army was doing in Rwanda when the genocide started. You should ask why the NRA soldiers under the command of Ikondere were being confused as "Hutu" troops by the Rwandese civilians. So ordinary Rwandese see Ugandan soldiers under a Ugandan commander, and think that they are "Hutu". Given the circumstances this happened, What does that tell you?

You should also ask about the role of Lt. Col. Jackson Rwahama (by the way, he is Kagame's cousin). You should ask about the red Toyota Hilux pickup he drove into Rwanda in early 1994. What was he carrying?

Rwahama should tell you or the world about the Tata lorry which came from Uganda loaded full of brand new machetes or pangas. Rwahama should be in a position to tell us why he received that Tata truck at the Uganda-Rwanda border.

Rwahama should also tell the world if he knew that the Tata was full of machetes and if he knew, why he escorted the truck to the RPA's headquarters at Mulindi. He should confirm to his fellow Tutsis and all Rwandese if it is not true that the machetes were wrapped in black polythene paper.

Kagame and Rwahama and other top RPA officers should tell the world why they lied to the junior RPA troops and boys at Mulindi that the machetes were to be used to clear the grass and bush around the camp.

The RPA boys wondered why the RPA would need a whole truck of brand new machetes just to clear tall grass and shrubs around the camp.

The director of the RPA intelligence at that time Col. Kayumba Nyamwasa should explain to Rwandese and to the world what answers he gave the inquisitive boys in the RPA camp headquarters at Mulindi when they asked him why they needed a whole truck full of pangas to clear a bush which was not too thick in the first place.

If Kagame can answer these questions to your satisfaction, then we shall agree that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was not organized and orchestrated by the Kagame-led RPF in the same way the Kagame-led squads in the Museveni-led NRA orchestrated the massacres of innocent civilians in Luwero.

If you are a Rwandese and up to now you have been believing that only Habyarimana's Hutu interahamwe killed your loved ones and relatives, you should start asking the questions that we are putting to Kagame and Rwahama and the other senior RPA officers here.

You saw how they responded with distortions, evasions and outright lies when Karenzi Karake was named by UDF. But if Kagame and his Generals can answer these questions fully, without hiding anything, then we shall officially accept that the RPF did not mastermind the Luwero Triangle massacres and the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


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