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The Uwilingiyimana Murder--Is his letter a suicide note or an indictment of the illegal ICTR? -- CM/P

The Uwilingiyimana Murder--Is his letter a suicide note or an indictment of the illegal ICTR? -- CM/P

[On December 17, 2005, Juvénal Uwilingiyimana's body was found floating in the Brussels-Charleroi canal. Here's how the BBC told the story of his death:


--Friday, 23 December 2005, 15:25 GMT
--Canal body 'was Rwandan minister'

--A decomposed body found in a canal in Brussels is that of a Rwandan former minister facing charges of genocide, the Belgian justice ministry has said.

Juvenal Uwilingiyimana, 54, a former minister for parks, went missing from his home in the city on 21 November.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Tanzania had indicted him earlier this year for his alleged part in Rwanda's 1994 genocide.--

‘. . . earlier this year’? Now, this is not very precise, not up to the quality of its reporting on Central Africa and Yugoslavia for which the BBC has become (in)famous. In fact, though the investigators tried to woof Mr Uwilingiyimana into rolling over on his comrades (sop in the witness preparation games that are running at full-speed in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Iraq and throughout their ex-pat communities of Africa, the ME, Europe and North America) by reading him the indictment they had prepared against him, he was not officially indicted until about a week after he turned up missing—and only a couple of days after his body was identified by Belgian authorities. But, in case there remains any doubt as to where the BeeBer studied History, its article places British Broadcasting snuggly among that flock of narcotized parakeets that maintains the general public’s disinformed false consciousness about recent Rwandan history—and History in general—when it stipulates to what the ICTR is still, after ten feckless years, trying to prove: mainly, that the Rwandan Genocide went down like this:

--Some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered {by their neighbors and their own government—nb} in 100 days.--

The Australian online (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,17655441%255E2703,00.html)
suggests that Mr Uwilingiyimana was ‘cooperating’ with the ICTR, and that his death was either a suicide brought on by the gravity of his indictment for genocide or, what the Prosecutor's office is pushing as the likeliest cause of death, another political hit by his fellow Hutu ‘genocidaires’ to prevent the former minister of parks from testifying against them.

The truth of this murder is pitifully clear. In the context of what has become an ancillary prefabrication process within the New International Justice Industry represented by these ad hoc Tribunals, Mr. Uwilingiyimana's murder is merely another example of how washed-out candidates from the ICTR's witness-training conservatory are dealt with. As his letter shows, he refused to be terrorized into bearing false witness against his countrymen and women, and had to be tossed out of this snitch academy—neutralized with extreme prejudice then thrown naked from the torture chamber directly into a Belgian canal.

But what drives people like these investigators who work for the Tribunals to behave so reprehensibly? To make common cause with international terrorist organizations, modern-day privateers like the Rwandan Patriotic Front in Central Africa and the Kosovo Liberation Army in Yugoslavia? It might just be a simple workman's zeal to do his job well (so as not to lose his one tenuous hold on the ‘real world’) without asking questions about higher goals or the greater good. Right?

Or it might be (and this is a notion currently in development for a soon-to-be posted CM/P essay, 'Jackals That The Jackals Would Despise') the latest expression of the Victims’ Rights movement—kinda like MADG—Mothers Against Drunk Genocide. This cunning manipulation of the justice system, meant to further streamline or fast-track prosecutions, began in California in 1967 as a conservative reaction to the increased enforcement of the rights of the accused (like the Miranda protections against self-incrimination, or the strict application of the 4th Amendment’s protections against illegal {warrant-less} search and seizure—yeah, I know, the Patriot Acts I and II have made all these ancient safeguards against punishing the innocent seem about as relevant as KC and the Sunshine Band); and reached a peak of frenzied popularity, with Victims’ Rights Amendments in almost every state constitution and hundreds of millions of dollars in its bank account, during the Reagan/Bush 80s, which saw the advent of a media-driven craze for prosecutions of satanic pedophiles like Ray Buckey and Peggy McMartin Buckey of Newport Beach’s McMartin preschool, or New Jersey’s Little Rascals preschool case which saw several defendants catch multiple life bids on the basis of testimony shamelessly cajoled, threatened or otherwise led from pre-adolescent witnesses. After nearly 25 years of Justice contorted and even aborted by ‘victims’ courts’ like The Hague and Arusha Tribunals, age-old legal protections like the presumption-of-innocence and the burden-of-proof’s being on the prosecution had become little more than the concerns of pre-law students and the topics of Trivial Pursuit questions and Jeopardy answers—and major murder trials, like OJ’s, were conducted more and more in the media as kind of e-lynchings.

The chief prosecutor at ICTR, Hassan Bubacar Jallow, as cited in The Australian’s piece, explains very clearly just for whom all this legal, and especially the extra- and illegal, activity is being undertaken:

--Mr Jallow said. "If the cause of (Mr. Uwilingiyama’s) death is determined to be homicide, the office of the prosecutor expresses the fervent hope that Belgian authorities will be able to arrest and try those responsible for a crime that obstructs justice for the victims of the Rwanda genocide."--

So, there you go: it's all about justice for the victims. While satanic child-molestation prosecutions (esp. those based on ‘recovered memories’) have long since been banned in most civilized societies, the righteous anger of the morally bereft (a true, uncontrolled WMD) has been diverted into the struggle for justice for the victims of certain (Humanitarian) genocides often referred to as ‘Holocausts’—so to deny the legality of these prosecutions is to become a . . . you guessed it.

And in the name of Victims' Rights, anything goes—but usually what goes first and goes directly into les chiottes in these highly politicized prosecutions are almost all the important protections that were conventionally or constitutionally guaranteed to the accused. Just another ethical flip-flop: With over-rehearsed (and otherwise bought-off) witnesses permitted by these moot courts to give unsubstantiated, often hearsay, evidence, usually channeled from ‘Victims’ Heaven’ where cross-examination is not permitted, the New Justice insists that the prejudged perps are Guilty until proven Innocent.

But see what you think after you read the late Mr Uwilingiyimana's letter. Sound like a suicide note written by a 'turned' witness to you?

(A couple of NBs: 1 October 1990 is the date that the Rawandan Patriotic Front, with an army of more than 5000 heavily armed and US- and Israeli-trained and supported members of the Ugandan National Resistance Army {most RPF leaders, including the current Rwandan president Paul Kagame, are still listed as active-duty Ugandan military personnel} invaded Rwanda from Uganda. This began what would be a four-year reign of terror in which tens, even hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were slaughtered and more than a million displaced. It eventuated in the a final onslaught by the RPF, covered a postiori by its leader, Kagame’s ordering the shooting down of Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana's executive jet on 6 April 1994. This final aggression by the ‘liberating rebels’ drove millions of Rwandans out of the country, most going into Eastern Congo {where a genocide of the ‘genocidaires’ and their families continues to this day}, and left tens of thousands more, those who couldn't or wouldn't leave their homes, to die horrible deaths at the hands of the RPF 'maquisards’—the putative saviors in what has become a pop historical reference, the UA film Hot’L Rwanda—and who, around the beginning of May 1994, after the end of the movie’s story and in a campaign to attack with heavy artillery all places where there were large concentrations of displaced persons, actually shelled that Sabena Hotel, The Hotel des Milles Collines, and killed many Rwandans still sheltered there.

And 'the Akuza' {meaning 'Little House' in Kinyirawanda} was the name given to a group that formed around President Habyarimana's wife, Agathe Kanziga. This group was said to practice voodoo and other dark arts, and to have a great deal of influence with the President, his party, the MRND, its youth group, the Interahamwe, and his government in general {which became know in the Human Rights Community as the 'Extremist Hutu' government, was initially blamed for Habyarimana’s assassination, and is currently being held responsible for the whole of the Rwandan Genocide.)—mc

Uwilingiyimana Juvénal 5 November 2005, Brussels
Rue Moretus 4
1070 Anderlecht, Brussels

The Prosecutor of the ICTR
PO Box 6016
Arusha, Tanzania

Mr. Prosecutor,

I have been interviewed several times by your representatives from the ICTR: Richard Renaud, director of investigations, Stephan Rapp, chief of legal proceedings, Rejean Tremblay and André Delvaux, investigators; even you, yourself, met with me on 5 October 2005.

I was asked from the beginning if I was willing to make a contribution to bringing out the truth about the Rwandan drama. I responded positively and enthusiastically. But later, when it became a question of getting to the heart of the matter, Mr. Tremblay first read me the indictment you had written up against me. I’ll spare you the details that led up to your making your demand: I must help you ‘destroy’ (the exact term used by the investigators) Mr. ZIGIRANYIRAZO Protais and all the member of the Akazu, including his sister Agathe, and destroy the leadership of the MRND, among whom NGIRUMPATSE Mathieu, KAREMARA Edouard and NZIRORERA Joseph had already been given up to your office by Mr. BAGARAGAZA Michel, a man about whose good qualities and honesty your investigators could not stop bragging.

I do not want to lie to please these investigators and to give credit to your thesis according to which the Rwandan genocide was planned exclusively by the MRND and the Akuza. I am ready to face all the consequences that were described to me by investigators Tremblay and Delavaux: that I will be lynched, crushed, my corpse will be trampled in the streets and dogs will piss on it (these are the investigators own terms.).

Mr. Prosecutor, those who planned and carried out the genocide of the Rwandan people, beginning the 1st of October 1990, are well know; those who assassinated President HABYARIMANA Juvenal and unleashed this horror on Rwanda are also well known and are the same ones who planned and executed the genocide of the people in Congo.



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